Bothroponera tesseronoda

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Bothroponera tesseronoda
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Ponerinae
Tribe: Ponerini
Genus: Bothroponera
Species: B. tesseronoda
Binomial name
Bothroponera tesseronoda
(Emery, 1877)

Bothroponera tesseronoda casent0915675 p 1 high.jpg

Bothroponera tesseronoda casent0915675 d 1 high.jpg

Specimen Labels

At a Glance • Gamergate  



Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Oriental Region: India (type locality), Sri Lanka.

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Distribution based on specimens

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Gamergates are the normal reproductives in this species. Colonies (n = 9) consisted of 102 (± SD 28) workers on average, with one to eight gamergates (inseminated and egg-laying workers) per colony (Ito 2010).



The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue, a catalogue of the world's ants.

  • tesseronoda. Ponera tesseronoda Emery, 1877b: 368 (w.) INDIA. [Misspelled as tesserinoda by Forel, 1900d: 325; Bingham, 1903: 97, and subsequent authors.] Forel, 1900d: 352 (m.); Wheeler, G.C. & Wheeler, J. 1976a: 46 (l.). Combination in Bothroponera: Forel, 1891b: 124; in Pachycondyla (Bothroponera): Emery, 1901a: 46; in Bothroponera: Joma & Mackay, 2013: 2; Schmidt & Shattuck, 2014: 77. See also: Bingham, 1903: 97; Maschwitz, Hölldobler & Möglich, 1974: 113.



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