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The following key to species of Dilobocondyla is based on Wheeler (1924[1]) as modified by Bharti & Kumar (2013[2]).

This key does not include some recently described species from the Philippines: Dilobocondyla carinata, Dilobocondyla oswini, Dilobocondyla rugosa and Dilobocondyla silviae. (see Key to Dilobocondyla Species of the Philippines)

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  • Frontal carinae not continuing to the posterior corners of the head and not so prominent; antennal scrobes only moderately deep => 2
  • Frontal carinae prominent, continuing to the posterior corners of the head; scrobes deeper => 9


  • Body brownish black; frontal area indistinct; petiole almost twice as long as broad => 3
  • Body ferruginous or yellowish brown; frontal area distinct; petiole either much longer than or less than twice as long as broad => 4


  • 10 strong rugae between frontal carinae; gaster with longitudinal striations at extreme base only; worker 4.5 mm in total length (Borneo) => Dilobocondyla borneensis
MCZ ENT Dilobocondyla-borneensis type hef.jpg
MCZ ENT Dilobocondyla-borneensis type had2.jpg
  • 14 strong rugae between frontal carinae; first segment of gaster with fine and dense longitudinal striations starting from its base reaching up to almost half of its length; worker 4.8 mm in total length (Vietnam) => Dilobocondyla eguchii
Dilobocondyla eguchii antweb1008025 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla eguchii antweb1008025 p 1 high.jpg


  • Mesosoma, petiole and postpetiole opaque; sculpture absent on mesopleurae => 5
  • Mesosoma, petiole and postpetiole shiny; sculpture present on mesopleurae => 6


  • Head slightly longer than broad; clypeus with delicate carinae and anterior border feebly emarginate; petiole much longer (more than twice as long as broad); worker 4.5 mm in total length (Java) => Dilobocondyla karnyi
  • Head broader than long (HL 1.17, HW 1.22); clypeus with a strong median and two lateral carina and its anterior border strongly emarginate in the middle; petiole comparatively short (less than twice as long as broad); worker 4.8 mm in total length (Malaysia) => Dilobocondyla yamanei
Dilobocondyla yamanei antweb1008030 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla yamanei antweb1008030 p 1 high.jpg


  • Frontal carinae almost reaching the posterior corners of the head; worker ≤3.5 mm in total length (Sri Lanka) => Dilobocondyla didita
  • Frontal carinae not reaching the posterior quarter of the head; petiole length much greater than (2.5 times) its width; worker ≥5 mm in total length => 7


  • Propodeal lobes either rounded or broadly triangular with rounded apex; mandibles with large apical and preapical tooth only; gaster brownish black; pilosity whitish; worker <5.5 mm in total length => 8
  • Propodeal lobes rounded; mandibles with three large apical and few indistinct basal teeth; gaster paler; pilosity yellow (based on gyne, 6.5 mm in total length) (Sumatra) => Dilobocondyla sebesiana


  • Propodeal lobes rounded; 13 strong rugae between frontal carinae; clypeus with 5 strong carinae; body with subdecumbent hairs except mandibles which have no hairs; worker 5.3 mm in total length (Guangdong, China) => Dilobocondyla gaoyureni
Dilobocondyla gaoyureni antweb1008026 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla gaoyureni antweb1008026 p 1 high.jpg
  • Propodeal lobes broadly triangular with rounded apex; 14 strong rugae between frontal carinae; clypeus with 3 strong carinae; body with stiff erect hairs; worker 5.0 mm in total length (Vietnam) => Dilobocondyla propotriangulata
Dilobocondyla propotriangulatus antweb1008029 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla propotriangulatus antweb1008029 p 1 high.jpg


  • At least the head black => 10
  • Head ferruginous or brown, like the remainder of the body => 12


Dilobocondyla selebensis casent0904711 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla selebensis casent0904711 p 1 high.jpg

Note: Subspecies Dilobocondyla selebensis simalurana, reported from Indonesia, is larger in size; worker 9.6 mm.

  • Head and gaster black; gaster either smooth and shiny or reticulate and opaque; worker ≥5.48 mm => 11


  • Gaster smooth and shiny; anepisternum and metapleuron smooth and shiny; legs smooth, yellowish brown; worker 5.8 mm (Vietnam and China) => Dilobocondyla fouqueti
Dilobocondyla fouqueti casent0178565 head 1.jpg
Dilobocondyla fouqueti casent0178565 profile 1.jpg
  • Gaster reticulate and opaque; anepisternum and metapleuron rugoreticulate; legs opaque with fine sculpture, blackish; worker 5.48-6.03 mm (India) => Dilobocondyla gasteroreticulata
Dilobocondyla gasteroreticulatus antweb1008027 h 1 high.jpg
Dilobocondyla gasteroreticulatus antweb1008027 p 1 high.jpg


  • External borders of mandibles either slightly sinuate or not; meso-metanotal constriction distinct; pronotum decidedly broader than long; worker average length 4 mm => 13
  • External borders of mandibles not sinuate; meso-metanotal constriction very feeble; pronotum width greater than length, worker not exceeding 3.25 mm (Philippines) => Dilobocondyla chapmani

Note: In subspecies Dilobocondyla chapmani rufobrunnea from Philippines, worker slightly larger (3.80 mm); slightly more opaque surface throughout; coloration dark brown, with the pronotum above paler and more rufous; the mandibles, except the teeth, the sides of the clypeus, scapes, first funicular joint and tarsi beyond their first joint, brownish yellow.


  • Mandibles with 6 teeth, gaster striate only at base and striations very short; worker ≥3.93 mm (India) => Dilobocondyla bangalorica
  • Mandibles either with 5 distinct teeth or with two distinct apical teeth followed by indistinct and irregular teeth; gaster either longitudinally striate or striate only at base => 14


  • Mandibles with 5 distinct teeth; gaster longitudinally striate. Less than 15 rugae between frontal carinae; worker 4.5 mm (Australia and New Guinea) => Dilobocondyla cataulacoidea
MCZ ENT Dilobocondyla-cataulacoidea hef.jpg
MCZ ENT Dilobocondyla-cataulacoidea hal.jpg
  • Mandibles with two distinct apical teeth only; gaster striate at base only; 15-17 strong rugae between frontal carinae; head shorter, its posterior corners directed obliquely outward; sculpture feebler; petiole longer; gaster blackish brown; worker 3.25-3.75 mm (Singapore) => Dilobocondyla fulva


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  2. Bharti, H. & Kumar, R. 2013. Five new species of Dilobocondyla (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) with a revised key to the known species. Asian Myrmecology 5, 29-44.