Key to Discothyrea of the southwestern Australian Botanical Province

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This worker key is based on: Heterick, B. E. 2009b. A guide to the ants of South-western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum, Supplement 76: 1-206. Part 2 PDF

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  • Propodeal declivity abrupt, propodeum with transverse carinae (sometimes crenulate in dorsal view) separating dorsal and declivitous propodeal faces (Figure 533); antennal club elongate, about three times as long as wide . . . . . Discothyrea crassicornis
Figure 533.
  • Propodeal declivity more gradual, propodeum without transverse carina separating dorsal and declivitous faces (Figure 534); antennal club ovate, about twice as long as wide . . . . . Discothyrea turtoni
Figure 534.