Pheidole confoedusta

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Pheidole confoedusta
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Attini
Genus: Pheidole
Species: P. confoedusta
Binomial name
Pheidole confoedusta
Wheeler, W.M., 1909

Nothing is known about the biology of confoedusta.


See the description in the nomenclature section.

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Only known from the type locality.

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Neotropical Region: Mexico (type locality).

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This species is only known from the major.


The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue, a catalogue of the world's ants.

  • confoedusta. Pheidole confoedusta Wheeler, W.M. 1909b: 233 (s.) MEXICO. See also: Wilson, 2003: 278.

Unless otherwise noted the text for the remainder of this section is reported from the publication that includes the original description.


From Wilson (2003): A member of the fallax group, easily distinguished as follows.

Major: antennal scape exceeding occipital corner by about its own maximum width; vertex and genae carinulate, and sides of dorsum of head from level of ventral eye margin to occiput rugoreticulate; head quadrate; antennal scapes expanded near base; petiolar peduncle in side view very thick, its dorsal profile forming a straight line with the node all the way to the apex; parts of pronotal dorsum and mid-clypeus irregularly rugulose; entire head, mesosoma, and waist foveolate and opaque; postpetiole from above diamond-shaped and carinulate.

Minor: unknown.

MEASUREMENTS (mm) Lectotype major: HW 1.30, HL 1.26, SL 1.04, EL 0.24, PW 0.70.

COLOR Major: concolorous light reddish brown.

Pheidole confoedusta Wilson 2003.jpg

Figure. Lectotype, major. Scale bars = 1 mm.

Type Material

MEXICO: Jalapa, Veracruz, col. F. Silvestri. Museum of Comparative Zoology - as reported in Wilson (2003)




  • Wheeler, W. M. 1909b. Ants collected by Prof. F. Silvestri in Mexico. Boll. Lab. Zool. Gen. Agrar. R. Sc. Super. Agric. 3: 228-238 (page 233, soldier described)
  • Wilson, E. O. 2003. Pheidole in the New World: A dominant, hyperdiverse ant genus. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.(page 278, fig. major described)