Phylogeny of Formicidae

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Relationships among ant subfamilies (extant taxa only) based on M. L. Borowiec et al. [1].

It should be noted that the details of these relationships are in a state of flux as we explore the analytical methods used to interpret the ever-increasing amount of genomic data becoming available as DNA sequencing methods explode. For earlier estimates of the relationships among ant subfamilies see Brady et al. 2006[2], Moreau et al. 2006[3], Ward 2007[4], Rabeling et al. 2008[5], Moreau 2009[6], Brady et al. 2014[7] and Ward & Fisher, 2016[8], or the history of this page.






Ponerinae - see relationships



Dorylinae - see relationships


Dolichoderinae - see relationships

Myrmeciinae - see relationships within Myrmecia

Pseudomyrmecinae - see relationships

Formicinae - see relationships





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