Queen and Male Morphology

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This page is a complement to the Morphological Terms page as the latter focuses on worker morphology.


Boudinot 2015. Figure 2.

AsII = abdominal sternum II, Lcpmsp = lateral coxal articular process of the mesopleuron, Lcpmtp = lateral coxal articular process of the metapleuron, Mcpmsp = medial coxal articular process of the mesopectus, Mcpmtp = medial coxal articular process of the metapectus, Msd = mesodiscrimen, Msp = mesopectus, Mscf = mesocoxal foramen, Mspfp = mesoprefurcal pit, Mtcf = metacoxal foramen, Mtp = metapectus, Mtpfp = metaprefurcal pit, Prn = pronotum, Vlmspl = ventrolateral mesopectal line.


Boudinot 2015. Figure 1.

Anep = anepisternum, Ax = axilla, Axu = axillula, Ktep = katepisternum, Lmpl = lower metapleuron, Mepm = mesepimeron, Msmtps = mesometapleural suture, Msnt = mesonotum, Mspp = mesopleural pit, Mssctla = mesoscutellar arm, Mssctld = mesoscutellar disc, Mssctm = mesoscutum, Mtsctt = metascutellar trouch, Mtpds = metapleuropropodeal suture, Not = notaulus, Oms = oblique mesopleural sulcus, Pl = parapsidal line, Ppd = propodeum, Ppdl = propodeal lobe, Ppdsp = propodeal spiracle, Prax = preaxilla, Prnt = pronotum, Prntl = pronotal lobe, Psc = parascutellar carina, Saa = subalar area, Scscs = scutoscutellar suture, Spsc = spiracular sclerite, Sss = scutoscutellar sulcus, Tg = tegulum, Tscl = transscutal line, Umpl = upper metapleuron.


  • Boudinot, B.E. 2015. Contributions to the knowledge of Formicidae (Hymenoptera, Aculeata): a new diagnosis of the family, the first global male-based key to subfamilies, and a treatment of early branching lineages. European Journal of Taxonomy. 120:1-62. doi:10.5852/ejt.2015.120