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  • Pinkalski et al. (2017) have discovered that coffee leaves are able to take up nitrogen from ant faecal droplets of Oecophylla smaragdina left on the leaf surfaces. The abundance of ant foragers on tropical vegetation suggests if this mechanism of foliar nitrogen uptake operates across many plants species, it could represent a highly significant provider of key nutrients for plants.
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    AntWiki recently added its 600th identification key! While many of these are taken straight from the literature, a number have been updated to include recently described taxa, some of these taxa being keyed for the first time. AntWiki editors are now adding images to these keys as well adding new keys and updating existing keys.
Ants, Daisy Chains and Leptogenys. © Stéphane De Greef, used with permission.
Workers of the Leptogenys chalybaea species group are swarm raiders that primarily prey on large millipedes. The ants attack and immobilize these relatively large prey and can then form chains of workers to drag their newly acquired trove of nutrients back to the nest (Peeters & De Greef 2015). The Leptogenys chalybaea species pages includes a youtube video of this behavior that has been viewed more than 7 million times!

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