Acropyga species groups

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LaPolla (2004) created nine informal species-groups within Acropyga to replace the old subgenera that had previously been recognized within the genus. These species-groups were largely based on a phylogenetic analysis of male genitalic characters. Shown below is this arrangement of species along with all subsequent changes (LaPolla and Fisher 2005, LaPolla and Schneider 2023, LaPolla, Williams & Fan 2017).

acutiventris species-group

arnoldi species-group

butteli species-group

decedens species-group

goeldii species-complex

donisthorpei species-group

myops species-group

pallida species-group

panamensis species-group

smithii species-group

New World species; workers with 8 antennal segments and 4 mandibular teeth (one ex¬ception occasionally seen in A. oreithauma where a much smaller tooth is found between the 3rd and basal teeth); males with penial sclerites elongated with distal tips that bend towards gonopods; anterior portion of the ventral margin of the penial sclerites dentate.

yaeyamensis species-group

unplaced in a species-group