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This is a myrmecophilous genus of Tenebrionidae with eight species. All are assumed to be inquilines in the nests of ants. Their biology is relatively unknown and their relationships with ants is a mystery.

List of Alaudes and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Alaudes alternata Fall, 1928 ants California, Los Angeles County only
Alaudes californicus Aalbu, Caterino, and Smith, 2018 ants California. Lower San Joaquin Valley
Alaudes coloradoensis Aalbu, Caterino, and Smith, 2018 ants California, Colorado Desert
Alaudes moenkopii Aalbu, Caterino, and Smith, 2018 ants Arizona and southern Utah, Colorado Plateau
Alaudes mojavensis Aalbu, Caterino, and Smith, 2018 Veromessor pergandei California, Arizona, Mojave Desert
Alaudes setigera Blaisdell, 1919 Crematogaster, Pheidole Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Baja California
Alaudes singularis Horn, 1870 Crematogaster, Solenopsis, Pheidole, Formica francoeuri, Formica moki, Formica obscuripes, Liometopum California, Arizona, southern Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Mexico, northern Baja California
Alaudes vizcainensis Aalbu, Caterino, and Smith, 2018 Pheidole vistana Mexico, Baja California