Ants of the Apalachicola National Forest's pine flatwoods

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Pine Flatwoods community. USFS

This is the list of ant species from Lubertazzi D, Tschinkel W. 2003. Ant community change across a ground vegetation gradient in north Florida's longleaf pine flatwoods. 17pp [Journal of Insect Science, 3.21].

Names have been corrected to reflect contemporary taxonomy.

Aphaenogaster ashmeadi

Aphaenogaster flemingi

Aphaenogaster floridana

Aphaenogaster treatae

Brachymyrmex depilis

Brachymyrmex musculus

Brachymyrmex obscurior

Camponotus castaneus

Camponotus floridanus

Camponotus nearcticus

Camponotus socius

Cardiocondyla wroughtonii

Crematogaster ashmeadi - This species was likely Crematogaster pinicola; see the biology section of this species page for some interesting details about this ant and the habitat.

Crematogaster cerasi

Crematogaster lineolata

Crematogaster minutissima

Crematogaster missouriensis

Crematogaster pilosa

Cyphomyrmex rimosus

Dorymyrmex bureni

Forelius pruinosus

Formica archboldi

Formica dolosa

Formica pallidefulva

Hypoponera opaciceps

Hypoponera opacior

Monomorium viridum

Myrmecina americana

Neivamyrmex carolinensis

Neivamyrmex opacithorax

Neivamyrmex texanus

Nylanderia arenivaga

Nylanderia concinna

Nylanderia faisonensis

Nylanderia parvula

Nylanderia vividula

Nylanderia wojciki

Odontomachus brunneus

Pheidole 1

Pheidole adrianoi

Pheidole bicarinata

Pheidole dentata

Pheidole dentigula

Pheidole floridana

Pheidole metallescens

Pheidole moerens

Pheidole morrisii

Pogonomyrmex badius

Polyergus lucidus

Solenopsis abdita

Solenopsis carolinensis

Solenopsis geminata

Solenopsis invicta

Solenopsis nickersoni

Solenopsis pergandei

Solenopsis picta

Solenopsis tennesseensis

Solenopsis tonsa

Strumigenys bunki

Strumigenys creightoni

Strumigenys dietrichi

Strumigenys louisianae

Strumigenys margaritae

Strumigenys membranifera

Strumigenys talpa

Tapinoma sessile

Temnothorax palustris

Temnothorax pergandei

Temnothorax schaumii

Temnothorax texanus

Temnothorax wheeleri

Trachymyrmex septentrionalis