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There are a few species out of 332 species in this parasitoid genus of Phoridae that attack ants. The geographic range of A. paraponerae is generally coextensive with that of its host, P. clavata. They both occupy the neotropical region and are widespread in the lowland rainforests of Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and northern Argentina. Material examined: 1 female, ARGENTINA, Santiago del Estero, near Brea Pozo, March 2002, over Atta vollenweideri, L. Elizalde.

List of Apocephalus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Apocephalus aztecae Borgmeier, 1961 Azteca Dominica
Apocephalus barbicauda Borgmeier 1931 Acromyrmex lundii
Apocephalus bispinosus Borgmeier, 1928 Camponotus cingulatus Brazil
Apocephalus camponoti Borgmeier, 1925 Camponotus rufipes Brazil
Apocephalus cantleyi Brown, 1997 Acromyrmex
Apocephalus collatus Brown, 2002 Pachycondyla impressa? Costa Rica
Apocephalus coquilletti Malloch, 1912 Camponotus pennsylvanicus Canada, United States
Apocephalus crucicauda Borgmeier, 1928 Camponotus crassus Brazil
Apocephalus cultellatus Borgmeier, 1961 Eciton burchellii Panama
Apocephalus exlobicornis Brown & Disney, 2010 Acromyrmex lobicornis Argentina
Apocephalus exstriatus Brown & Disney, 2010 Acromyrmex fracticornis, Amoimyrmex striatus Argentina
Apocephalus facettalis Borgmeier, 1961 Camponotus Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Panama
Apocephalus flavitenuipes Brown & Disney, 2010 Pheidole Argentina
Apocephalus horridus Borgemeir, 1963 Camponotus vicinus Canada, United States: Arizona, California
Apocephalus intermedius Brown & Disney, 2010 Acromyrmex hispidus Argentina
Apocephalus longisetarum Brown & Disney, 2010 Atta vollenweideri Argentina
Apocephalus luteihalteratus Borgmeier, 1923 Acromyrmex Costa Rica
Apocephalus mucronatus Borgmeier, 1958 Camponotus blandus, Amoimyrmex striatus Argentina
Apocephalus necdivergens Brown & Disney, 2010 Acromyrmex crassispinus, Acromyrmex lobicornis Paraguay, Argentina
Apocephalus neivai Borgmeier, 1931 Acromyrmex Argentina, Colombia
Apocephalus onorei Brown, 1997 Acromyrmex Ecuador
Apocephalus paraponerae Borgmeier, 1958 Paraponera clavata Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Argentina
Apocephalus pergandei Coquillett, 1901 Camponotus pennsylvanicus Canada, United States
Apocephalus portalensis Brown & LeBrun, 2010 Aphaenogaster texana United States: Arizona
Apocephalus setiventris Borgmeier, 1971 Camponotus crassus Brazil
Apocephalus similis Malloch, 1912 Camponotus sansabeanus Arizona, Texas


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