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This is a myrmecophilous genus of Carabidae (Paussinae) beetles with sixty-six described species distributed in Australia, New Guinea and New Caledonia.The larvae are assumed to be myrmecopilous while the adults are assumed to be independent of ants.

List of Arthropterus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Arthropterus abnormis Oke, 1932 ants
Arthropterus adelaidae Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus ambitiosus Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus angulatus Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus angulicornis Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus articularis Elston, 1919 ants
Arthropterus bisinuatus Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus brevicollis Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus brevis Westwood, 1851 ants
Arthropterus brunni Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus cerapteroides Mjampberg, 1916 ants
Arthropterus constricticeps Sloane, 1933 ants
Arthropterus cribrosus Sloane, 1933 ants
Arthropterus daemelianus Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus darlingensis Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus denudatus (Westwood, 1850) ants
Arthropterus depressus Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus discrepans Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus distinctus (Thomson, 1860) ants
Arthropterus donovani Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus elongatulus Macleay, 1871 ants
Arthropterus eruditulus Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus foveicollis Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus foveipennis Blackburn, 1892 ants
Arthropterus fraternus Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus geminus Kolbe, 1924 ants
Arthropterus hirtus Macleay, 1873 ants
Arthropterus hopei (Westwood, 1843)
Arthropterus horni Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus howittensis Masters, 1886
Arthropterus howittii Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus humeralis Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus insidiosus Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus kingii Macleay, 1871
Arthropterus latipennis Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus limitans Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus longicollis Sloane, 1933
Arthropterus macleayi (Donovan, 1805)
Arthropterus mastersii Macleay, 1871
Arthropterus melbournei (Westwood, 1874)
Arthropterus montanus Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus moretoni Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus neglectus Lea, 1910
Arthropterus negligens Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus nigricornis Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus occidentalis Blackburn, 1892
Arthropterus odewahnii Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus ominosus Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus ovicollis Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus pellax Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus pervicax Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus petax Kolbe, 1924
Arthropterus piceus (Westwood, 1838)
Arthropterus picipes Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus planicornis Sloane, 1933
Arthropterus punctatissimus (Westwood, 1874)
Arthropterus puncticollus Macleay, 1873
Arthropterus quadricollis (Westwood, 1874)


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