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There are fourteen species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants. Host ants are Myrmecia. Austeucharis Bouček, 1988: 525. Type species: Psilogaster pallipes BrullÈ, by original designation. Austeucharis; Heraty, 2002: 90-92. Subsequent description. CITATIONS: Ashmea188845

List of Austeucharis and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Austeucharis boudiennyi (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Austeucharis fasciiventris (Brues, 1919) Myrmecia gulosa, Myrmecia forficata Australia
Austeucharis flavifemora (Girault, 1929) ants Australia
Austeucharis ilyichi (Girault, 1936) ants Australia
Austeucharis implexa (Walker, 1862) Myrmecia pilosula Australia
Austeucharis kosciuskoi (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Austeucharis larymna (Walker, 1846) ants Australia
Austeucharis myrmeciae (Forel, 1890) Myrmecia forficata Australia
Austeucharis pallipes (Brulle, 1846) ants Australia
Austeucharis piceicornis (Walker, 1862) ants Australia
Austeucharis pulchra (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Austeucharis rufiventris (Ashmead, 1900) ants Australia
Austeucharis smaragdina (Walker, 1862) ants Australia
Austeucharis toga (Girault, 1937) ants Australia


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