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Ant Lifestyles (?)



Ant-Plant Relationships

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Diversity and Community

Ant Diversity Studies

Endosymbionts and Endoparasites

Ants can be hosts to a variety of organisms that can live within their bodies. Depending on the organism, these can be symbiotic or parasitic interactions. Their influence may be minor and seemingly inconsequential. In other cases their presence alters the ants's morphology, behavior or metabolism and may even result in the individual's death.

  • Microsporidia
  • nematodes (Gösswald, 1938b)
  • termatodes (Hohorst and Lämmler, 1962; Schneider and Hohorst, 1971)
  • cestodes (Muir, 1954; Plateaux, 1972; Buschinger, 1973b).

Ants and Bacteria



overlaps with Myrmecophiles and Myrmecophytes



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Behavior; species interactions and Mutalisms overlap this general topic

Other Associates

Trophic Strategies


Inclusive Fitness


Evolution Branch

Invasive Ants

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Life History

Form and Function

Studying Ants

Studying-Ants branch

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