Burmese Amber

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Burmese Amber
Age (Ma)
Start: 99.7
End: 94.3
System/Period: Cretaceous
Series/Epoch: Late Cretaceous
Stage/Age: Early Cenomanian
Location: Burmese amber, Kachin State
Country: Myanmar
Coordinates: 26.4°N, 96.7°E
Genera: 16
Species: 36

Burmese amber, or burmite, from Kachin State, Myanmar. The paleobiota of this mid-Cretaceous (ca. 99 Ma) deposit is highly diverse and preserved with life-like fidelity (Grimaldi and Ross, 2017; Ross, 2019).

Genera known from Burmese amber

Species known from Burmese amber


Cao, Boudinot & Gao (2020) described Zigrasimecia hoelldobleri and Protozigrasimecia chauli from Burmese amber specimens found in Noije Bum hill, some 18 km southwest of Tanai Village (26°21′33.41″N 96°43′11.88″E / 26.3592806°N 96.7199667°E / 26.3592806; 96.7199667) in the Hukawng Valley, of northern Myanmar (Grimaldi & al. 2002, Chen & al. 2019).


Location of Formation