Camponotus Species by Subgenus

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The following species placements are based on Barry Bolton's New General Catalogue as updated in 2002 (but not formally published). It does not contain species described or changes proposed after 2002.

Species Subgenus Type Locality
Camponotus aberrans Phasmomyrmex
Camponotus abjectus Tanaemyrmex Angola
Camponotus abrahami Myrmentoma Lebanon
Camponotus abscisus Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus abunanus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus acutirostris Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus acvapimensis Tanaemyrmex Ghana
Camponotus adami Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus adenensis Tanaemyrmex Yemen
Camponotus aegaeus Myrmentoma Greece
Camponotus aegyptiacus Tanaemyrmex Egypt
Camponotus aeneopilosus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus aequatorialis Tanaemyrmex Gabon
Camponotus aequitas Myrmotrema Zimbabwe
Camponotus aethiops Tanaemyrmex France
Camponotus afflatus Myrmosaga Australia
Camponotus ager Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus agonius Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus aguilerai Tanaemyrmex Argentina
Camponotus alacer Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus alamaina unplaced
Camponotus albicoxis Tanaemyrmex Costa Rica
Camponotus albipes Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus albistramineus Myrmeurynota Haiti
Camponotus albivillosus Camponotus China
Camponotus alboannulatus Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus albocinctus Myrmamblys Philippines
Camponotus albosparsus Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus alii Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus altivagans Myrmeurynota Haiti
Camponotus amamianus Paramyrmamblys Japan
Camponotus amaurus Tanaemyrmex Spain
Camponotus americana Incertae sedis United States
Camponotus americanus Camponotus United States
Camponotus amoris Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus amphidus Myrmisolepis Zimbabwe
Camponotus andrei Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus andrewsi Myrmamblys Christmas Island
Camponotus anguliceps Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus angusticeps Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus angusticollis Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus anningensis Myrmamblys China
Camponotus annulatus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Aru Island)
Camponotus anthrax Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus apostolus Tanaemyrmex Costa Rica
Camponotus arabicus Tanaemyrmex Saudi Arabia
Camponotus arboreus Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus arcuatus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus argus Myrmotrema Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus arhuacus Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus armeniacus Myrmosericus Armenia
Camponotus arminius Myrmopelta Mozambique
Camponotus armstrongi unplaced Australia
Camponotus arnoldinus Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus arrogans Tanaemyrmex Singapore
Camponotus asli Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus atlantis Tanaemyrmex Tunisia
Camponotus atra Incertae sedis United States
Camponotus atriceps Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus atriscapus Myrmotrema Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus atrox Camponotus Korea
Camponotus augustei Myrmeurynota Haiti
Camponotus auratiacus Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus aureopilus Thlipsepinotus New Guinea
Camponotus auricomus Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus auriculatus Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus auriventris Myrmosaulus Myanmar
Camponotus aurocinctus Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus aurofasciatus Myrmotrema São Tomé & Principe (São Tomé Island)
Camponotus auropubens Myrmosericus Mozambique
Camponotus aurosus Myrmosericus Mauritius
Camponotus autrani Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus avius Myrmotrema Zimbabwe
Camponotus bakeri Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus baldaccii Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus balzani Tanaemyrmex Bolivia
Camponotus banghaasi Myrmoplatypus Peru
Camponotus barbaricus Tanaemyrmex Gibraltar
Camponotus barbarossa Myrmopelta Cameroun
Camponotus barbatus Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus barbosus Myrmotarsus Philippines
Camponotus basuto Tanaemyrmex Lesotho
Camponotus batesii Myrmosaulus Madagascar
Camponotus bayeri Myrmotrema Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus baynei Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus beccarii Myrmoplatys Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus bedoti Myrmamblys Indonesia (Batjan Island)
Camponotus beebei Myrmobrachys Guyana
Camponotus belligerus Myrmespera Namibia
Camponotus bellus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Ambon Island)
Camponotus belumensis Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus benguelensis Myrmotrema Angola
Camponotus bermudezi Tanaemyrmex Cuba
Camponotus berthoudi Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus bertolonii Paramyrmamblys South Africa
Camponotus bianconii Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus bidens Myrmocladoecus Colombia
Camponotus bifossus Colobopsis South Africa
Camponotus bigenus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus binghamii Myrmamblys Myanmar
Camponotus biolleyi Myrmobrachys Costa Rica
Camponotus bishamon Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus bispinosus Myrmocladoecus Colombia
Camponotus bituberculatus Myrmotrema Senegal
Camponotus blandus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus bocki Tanaemyrmex Bolivia
Camponotus boghossiani Myrmentoma Turkey
Camponotus bonariensis Tanaemyrmex Argentina
Camponotus bonariensis luteolus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus borellii Tanaemyrmex Argentina
Camponotus bottegoi Myrmotrema Somalia
Camponotus branneri Uncertain Brazil
Camponotus brasiliensis Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus braunsi Myrmisolepis Mozambique
Camponotus brettesi Myrmobrachys Guatemala
Camponotus brevicollis Tanaemyrmex Congo
Camponotus brevis Myrmobrachys Panama
Camponotus breviscapus Myrmamblys China
Camponotus brevisetosus Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus britteni Tanaemyrmex United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Camponotus brookei Paramyrmamblys South Africa
Camponotus bruchi Tanaemyrmex Argentina
Camponotus brullei Tanaemyrmex Spain (Canary Islands)
Camponotus bruneiensis Myrmamblys Brunei
Camponotus brunni Myrmentoma Japan
Camponotus brutus Tanaemyrmex Angola
Camponotus buchholzi Myrmamblys Cameroun
Camponotus buddhae Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus bugnioni Myrmothrix Colombia
Camponotus burgeoni Myrmacrhaphe Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus burtoni Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus butteli Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus buttikeri Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus cacicus Tanaemyrmex Peru
Camponotus cacicus Tanaemyrmex Peru
Camponotus caesar Myrmoxygenys Angola
Camponotus caffer Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus callistus Myrmocladoecus Bolivia
Camponotus callmorphus Myrmosaga Namibia
Camponotus camelinus Myrmosaulus Singapore
Camponotus cameranoi Myrmobrachys Argentina
Camponotus cameratus Myrmogonia Australia
Camponotus cameroni Myrmobrachys Ecuador
Camponotus candiotes Myrmentoma Greece
Camponotus canescens Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus capito Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus capperi Myrmaphaenus Jamaica
Camponotus caracalla Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus carbo Myrmotrema Ethiopia
Camponotus carbonarius Uncertain ""Grand-Indes""
Camponotus carin Tanaemyrmex Myanmar
Camponotus carin tipunus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus caryae Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus castaneus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus castanicola Uncertain Philippines
Camponotus cecconii Tanaemyrmex Cyprus
Camponotus ceriseipes Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus cervicalis Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus chalceoides Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus chalceus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus championi Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus chapini Myrmamblys Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus chazaliei Myrmaphaenus Antilles
Camponotus cheesmanae Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus chilensis Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus chloroticus Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus chongqingensis Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus christi Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus christophei Myrmeurynota Haiti
Camponotus christopherseni Myrmeurynota Panama
Camponotus chromaiodes Camponotus United States
Camponotus chrysurus Myrmopelta Kenya
Camponotus cilicicus Camponotus Turkey
Camponotus cillae Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus cinctellus Myrmosericus Mozambique
Camponotus cinerascens Myrmosericus India
Camponotus cinereus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus cingulatus Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus circularis Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus circumspectus Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Camponotus clarior Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus claripes Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus clarithorax 'Camponotus United States
Camponotus claviscapus Pseudocolobopsis Trinidad
Camponotus cleobulus Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus clypeatus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus cocosensis Myrmaphaenus Australia (Cocos Is)
Camponotus cognatocompressus Tanaemyrmex ""Africa"" (no Locality)
Camponotus compositor Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus compressiscapus Myrmosericus Sierra Leone
Camponotus compressus Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus concavus Paramyrmamblys Korea
Camponotus concolor Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus confluens Myrmotrema Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus confucii Myrmentoma India
Camponotus congolensis Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus coniceps Tanaemyrmex Congo
Camponotus conradti Myrmacrhaphe Cameroun
Camponotus consanguineus Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Camponotus consectator Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus consobrinus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus conspicuus Tanaemyrmex Jamaica
Camponotus conspicuus sharpi Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus constructor Myrmosphincta Panama
Camponotus contractus Myrmoplatys Borneo
Camponotus conulus Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus convexiclypeus Myrmostenus Peru
Camponotus coptobregma Hypercolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus cordiceps Myrmothrix Argentina
Camponotus cordincola Colobopsis Panama
Camponotus coriolanus Hypercolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus corniculatus Myrmocladoecus Guyana
Camponotus cornis Myrmentoma China
Camponotus coruscus Tanaemyrmex Panama
Camponotus cosmicus Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus cowlei Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus coxalis Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Aru Island)
Camponotus crassicornis Myrmobrachys Bolivia
Camponotus crassisquamis Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus crassus Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus crawleyi Tanaemyrmex Cameroun
Camponotus crenatus Uncertain Australia
Camponotus crepusculi Myrmespera Zimbabwe
Camponotus cressoni Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus criniticeps Myrmamblys Ethiopia
Camponotus crucheti Myrmotrema Angola
Camponotus cruentatus Myrmosericus L'habitation est inconnue
Camponotus cuauhtemoc Myrmentoma Mexico
Camponotus cubangensis Orthonotomyrmex Angola
Camponotus cuneidorsus Myrmobrachys Peru
Camponotus cuneiscapus Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus curviscapus Pseudocolobopsis Costa Rica
Camponotus cyrtomyrmodes Myrmophyma New Guinea
Camponotus daitoensis Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus dalmasi Myrmocladoecus Colombia
Camponotus dalmaticus Myrmentoma Yugoslavia
Camponotus darlingtoni Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus darwinii Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus debellator Myrmespera Zimbabwe
Camponotus decipiens Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus declivus Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus dedalus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus deletangi Tanaemyrmex Bolivia
Camponotus depressiceps Myrmomalis Brazil
Camponotus depressus Myrmomalis Brazil
Camponotus desantii Tanaemyrmex Benin
Camponotus descarpentriesi Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus detritus Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus devestivus Tanaemyrmex Japan
Camponotus dewitzii Mayria Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus dicksoni Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus difformis Myrmophyma New Guinea
Camponotus dimorphus Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus diplopunctatus Myrmotrema Ethiopia
Camponotus discolor Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus discors Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus distinguendus Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus divergens Hypercolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus diversipalpus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus dolabratus Myrmobrachys Costa Rica
Camponotus dolendus Myrmosericus India
Camponotus dolichoderoides Karavaievia Borneo
Camponotus donisthorpei Tanaemyrmex Cameroun
Camponotus dorycus Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus dromas Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus dromedarius Myrmophyma Madagascar
Camponotus druryi Myrmosericus Tanzania
Camponotus dryandrae Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus dufouri Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus dumetorum Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus eastwoodi Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus echinoploides Myrmepinotus Madagascar
Camponotus edmondi Myrmepinotus Madagascar
Camponotus egregius Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus elevatus Myrmobrachys Costa Rica
Camponotus ellioti Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus emarginatus Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus emeryodicatus Myrmomalis Paraguay
Camponotus empedocles Tanaemyrmex Zimbabwe
Camponotus ephippiatus Myrmamblys Singapore
Camponotus ephippium Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus eremicus Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus erigens Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus erinaceus Myrmisolepis Tanzania
Camponotus errabundus Tanaemyrmex Zimbabwe
Camponotus erythrostoma Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus esau Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus essigi Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus ethicus Myrmepinotus Madagascar
Camponotus etiolipes Tanaemyrmex Mozambique
Camponotus eugeniae Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus eurynotus Myrmeurynota Brazil
Camponotus evae Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus evansi Tanaemyrmex Iraq
Camponotus excisus Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus exiguoguttatus Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus exsectus Karavaievia Indonesia (Mentawei Island)
Camponotus extensus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus ezotus Myrmosaga Australia
Camponotus fabricator Tanaemyrmex St Helena Island
Camponotus falco Myrmaphaenus Colombia
Camponotus fallatus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus fallax Myrmentoma France
Camponotus fasciatellus Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus fasciatus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus fastigatus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus favorabilis Myrmosaga Zimbabwe
Camponotus fayfaensis Myrmotrema Saudi Arabia
Camponotus fedtschenkoi Tanaemyrmex Kazakhstan
Camponotus fellah Tanaemyrmex Egypt
Camponotus femoratus Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus ferreri Paramyrmamblys Cameroun
Camponotus fervidus Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus festai Tanaemyrmex Lebanon
Camponotus festinatus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus festinus Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus fiebrigi Myrmaphaenus Paraguay
Camponotus fieldeae Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus fieldellus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus figaro Myrmentoma Spain
Camponotus flavescens Tanaemyrmex French Guiana
Camponotus flavocassis Myrmamblys New Guinea
Camponotus flavocrines Myrmophyma New Guinea
Camponotus flavomarginatus Myrmosericus Ghana
Camponotus fletcheri Orthonotomyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus floridanus Myrmothrix United States
Camponotus florius Myrmacrhaphe Congo
Camponotus foersteri Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus foleyi Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus foleyi fezzanensis Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus foleyi grasi Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus foleyi pseudocompressus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus foraminosus Myrmotrema Senegambia
Camponotus foreli Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus formiciformis Myrmobrachys Guatemala
Camponotus formosensis Camponotus Taiwan
Camponotus fornasinii Tanaemyrmex Mozambique
Camponotus friedae Tanaemyrmex Taiwan
Camponotus froggatti Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus frontalis Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus fryi Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus fugax Pseudocolobopsis Jamaica
Camponotus fulvopilosus Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus fumidus Tanaemyrmex Venezuela
Camponotus furvus Myrmacrhaphe Congo
Camponotus fuscivillosus Camponotus China
Camponotus fuscocinctus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus fuscus Myrmentoma Korea
Camponotus gabonensis Myrmacrhaphe Gabon
Camponotus galla Myrmotrema Ethiopia
Camponotus gallagheri Tanaemyrmex Oman
Camponotus gambeyi Tanaemyrmex New Caledonia
Camponotus geayi Pseudocolobopsis French Guiana
Camponotus genatus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus gentingensis Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus gerberti Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus germaini Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus gestroi Myrmentoma Italy (Sardinia)
Camponotus gibber Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus gibbinotus Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus gibbosus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Aru Island)
Camponotus gilviceps Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus gilviventris Myrmeurynota Cuba
Camponotus glabrisquamis Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus godmani Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus goeldii Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus gombaki Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus gouldi Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus gouldianus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus grandidieri Myrmotrema Madagascar
Camponotus greeni Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus gretae Myrmamblys Myanmar
Camponotus guayapa Myrmobrachys Argentina
Camponotus guizhouensis Myrmamblys China
Camponotus guttatus Tanaemyrmex Cameroun
Camponotus habereri Tanaemyrmex Japan
Camponotus haematocephalus Tanaemyrmex Peru
Camponotus haereticus Myrmotrema Nigeria
Camponotus hagensii Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus hannani Myrmothrix Jamaica
Camponotus hapi Myrmamblys Sudan
Camponotus haroi Tanaemyrmex Spain
Camponotus hartogi Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus hastifer Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus havilandi Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus heathi Myrmodirachis Brazil
Camponotus hedwigae Myrmocladoecus Brazil
Camponotus helleri Myrmaphaenus Peru
Camponotus hellmichi Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus helvus Uncertain China
Camponotus hemichlaena Camponotus Japan
Camponotus herculeanus Camponotus Europe
Camponotus herculeanus sachalinensis Camponotus Russia
Camponotus hermanni Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus heros Tanaemyrmex Tanzania
Camponotus heteroclitus Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus hildebrandti Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus himalayanus Myrmentoma India
Camponotus hippocrepis Myrmocladoecus Bolivia
Camponotus hoelldobleri Myrmosericus Morocco
Camponotus holosericeus Myrmosaulus Myanmar
Camponotus holzi Tanaemyrmex Ecuador
Camponotus hoplites Tanaemyrmex New Caledonia
Camponotus horni Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus horseshoetus Uncertain India
Camponotus hospes Myrmoplatys Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus hova Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus hova fulvus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus humeralis Myrmeurynota Peru
Camponotus humerus Myrmamblys China
Camponotus hyatti Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus hypoclineoides Karavaievia Borneo
Camponotus icarus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus ignestii Tanaemyrmex Guyana
Camponotus iheringi Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus ilgii Myrmotrema Ethiopia
Camponotus imitator Myrmopytia Madagascar
Camponotus immaculatus Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus immigrans Tanaemyrmex Cameroun
Camponotus importunus Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus impressilabris Orthonotomyrmex West Malaysia
Camponotus improprius Pseudocolobopsis Colombia
Camponotus inaequalis Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus inca Myrmaphaenus Peru
Camponotus incensus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus inconspicuus Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus indefinitus Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Ambon Island)
Camponotus indeflexus Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus indicatus Tanaemyrmex French Guiana
Camponotus inflatus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus innexus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus insipidus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus integellus Myrmaphaenus Costa Rica
Camponotus interjectus Myrmentoma Kazakhstan
Camponotus intrepidus Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus invidus Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus ionius Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus iridis Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus irritabilis Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus irritans Tanaemyrmex West Malaysia
Camponotus isabellae Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus itoi Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus jaliensis Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus janeti Colobopsis Australia
Camponotus janforrestae Colobopsis Australia
Camponotus janussus Colobopsis Fiji Is
Camponotus japonicus Camponotus Japan
Camponotus jeanneli Myrmosaga Kenya
Camponotus jejuensis Myrmentoma Korea
Camponotus jianghuaensis Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus jizani Myrmosericus Saudi Arabia
Camponotus johnclarki Uncertain Australia
Camponotus juliae Myrmaphaenus Costa Rica
Camponotus kaguya Tanaemyrmex Japan
Camponotus kattensis Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus kaura Tanaemyrmex Puerto Rico
Camponotus keiferi Camponotus Mexico
Camponotus keihitoi Myrmentoma Japan
Camponotus kelleri Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus kersteni Tanaemyrmex Kenya
Camponotus kiesenwetteri Myrmentoma Greece
Camponotus kiusiuensis Paramyrmamblys Japan
Camponotus klaesii Rhinomyrmex Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus klugii Myrmamblys South Africa
Camponotus knysnae Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus kollbrunneri Myrmopelta Ethiopia
Camponotus kolthoffi Myrmentoma China
Camponotus kopetdaghensis Myrmentoma Russia
Camponotus korthalsiae Myrmoplatys Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus koseritzi Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus kraepelini Myrmeurynota Bolivia
Camponotus kubaryi Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus kurdistanicus Myrmentoma Russia
Camponotus kutteri Myrmamblys Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus kutterianus Uncertain Cuba
Camponotus laconicus Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus laevigatus Camponotus United States
Camponotus laevissimus Camponotus
Camponotus lamarckii Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus lamborni Myrmotrema Malawi
Camponotus lameerei Myrmentoma Russia
Camponotus lancifer Myrmosphincta Brazil
Camponotus landolti Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus langi Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus largiceps Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus lasiselene Orthonotomyrmex China
Camponotus latangulus Myrmocladoecus Surinam
Camponotus latebrosus Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus lateralis Myrmentoma France
Camponotus laurenti Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus leae Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus lenkoi Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus leptocephalus Myrmostenus Brazil
Camponotus lespesii Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus leucophaeus Myrmosericus Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Camponotus leveillei Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus leydigi Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus libanicus Myrmentoma Lebanon
Camponotus ligea Tanaemyrmex Ethiopia
Camponotus lighti Myrmamblys China
Camponotus ligniperda Camponotus France
Camponotus lilianae Paramyrmamblys Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus limbiventris Paramyrmamblys Tanzania
Camponotus lindigi Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus linnaei Myrmeurynota Colombia
Camponotus liogaster Orthonotomyrmex South Africa
Camponotus lividicoxis Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus longiceps Myrmamblys Indonesia (Waigeo Island)
Camponotus longicollis Myrmopytia
Camponotus longideclivis Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus longipalpis Myrmacrhaphe Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus longipilis Myrmostenus Peru
Camponotus loweryi Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus lownei Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus lubbocki Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus lucayanus Tanaemyrmex Bahamas
Camponotus luctuosus Uncertain Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus luteiventris Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus luteus Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus lutzi Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus macareaveyi Myrmogonia Australia
Camponotus maccooki Tanaemyrmex Mexico
Camponotus macilentus Pseudocolobopsis Ecuador (Galapagos Is)
Camponotus mackayensis Colobopsis Australia
Camponotus macrocephalus Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus macrochaeta Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus maculatus Tanaemyrmex West Africa
Camponotus maculiventris Mayria
Camponotus madagascarensis Myrmopiromis
Camponotus magister Tanaemyrmex Morocco
Camponotus maguassa Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus manabo Mayria
Camponotus maritimus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus massinissa Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus maudella Colobopsis Fiji Is
Camponotus maxwellensis Tanaemyrmex West Malaysia
Camponotus maynei Myrmisolepis Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus mayri Orthonotomyrmex South Africa
Camponotus medeus Pseudocolobopsis Peru
Camponotus megalonyx Myrmopalpella Borneo
Camponotus melanocephalus Tanaemyrmex Venezuela
Camponotus melanoticus Tanaemyrmex Bolivia
Camponotus melanus Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus melichloros Tanaemyrmex Christmas Island
Camponotus melinus Myrmentoma Mexico
Camponotus mendax Orthonotomyrmex India
Camponotus micans Myrmosericus Algeria
Camponotus michaelseni Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus micragyne Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus micrositus Manniella Cuba
Camponotus mina Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus minozzii Tanaemyrmex Peru
Camponotus minus Myrmentoma China
Camponotus mirabilis Myrmostenus Peru
Camponotus misturus Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus mitis Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus mocquerysi Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus mocsaryi Myrmoplatypus Brazil
Camponotus moderatus Paramyrmamblys Ethiopia
Camponotus modoc Camponotus United States
Camponotus moelleri Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Colobopsis moeschi Colobopsis Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus molossus Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus monardi Myrmotrema Angola
Camponotus monju Tanaemyrmex Japan
Camponotus montivagus Myrmentoma Guatemala
Camponotus morosus Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus mozabensis Myrmosericus Algeria
Camponotus mucronatus Myrmocladoecus Costa Rica
Camponotus mus Myrmobrachys Uruguay
Camponotus mussolinii Myrmophyma New Guinea
Camponotus mystaceus Myrmopsamma South Africa
Camponotus nacerdus Uncertain Mexico
Camponotus nadimi Myrmentoma Lebanon
Camponotus naegelii Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus namacola Mayria Namibia
Camponotus nasicus Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus nasutus Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus natalensis Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus navigator Tanaemyrmex Samoa
Camponotus nawai Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus nearcticus Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus nepos Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus nicobarensis Tanaemyrmex India (Nicobar Is)
Camponotus nigricans Myrmotarsus Philippines
Camponotus nigriceps Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus nigripes Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus nigroaeneus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus nigronitidus Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus nipponensis Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus nirvanae Myrmamblys India
Camponotus nitens Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus nitidior Dendromyrmex
Camponotus niveosetosus Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus normatus Myrmobrachys Costa Rica
Camponotus nossibeensis Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus novaeboracensis Camponotus United States
Camponotus novaehollandiae Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus novogranadensis Myrmaphaenus Colombia
Colobopsis nutans Colobopsis Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus nylanderi Tanaemyrmex Italy (Sicily)
Camponotus nywet Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus oasium Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus oblongus Tanaemyrmex Myanmar
Camponotus obreptivus Tanaemyrmex Costa Rica
Camponotus obscuripes Camponotus Japan
Camponotus obscuriventris Myrmosericus Morocco
Camponotus obtritus Myrmomalis Peru
Camponotus occasus Tanaemyrmex Portugal (Cape Verde Is)
Camponotus ocreatus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus oculatior Myrmacrhaphe Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus odiosus Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus oertzeni Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus oetkeri Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus ogasawarensis Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus olivieri Myrmotrema Angola
Camponotus ominosus Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus opaciceps Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus orinobates Paramyrmamblys Kenya
Camponotus orinus Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus orites Paramyrmamblys South Africa
Camponotus orthocephalus Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus orthodoxus Myrmotrema Guinea
Camponotus ostiarius Paramyrmamblys South Africa
Camponotus ovaticeps Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus overbecki Karavaievia Singapore
Camponotus oxleyi Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus pachylepis Myrmobrachys Peru
Camponotus pallens Tanaemyrmex Vavao Island
Camponotus pallescens Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus pallidiceps Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus palmyrensis Tanaemyrmex Syria
Camponotus palpatus Tanaemyrmex New Guinea
Camponotus paradoxus Hypercolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus parius Myrmosericus Myanmar
Camponotus patimae Myrmaphaenus Guyana
Camponotus pavidus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Batjan Island)
Camponotus pellarius Myrmaphaenus Mexico
Camponotus pellax Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus pennsylvanicus Camponotus United States
Camponotus peperi Myrmobrachys Guatemala
Camponotus perrisii Myrmotrema Angola
Camponotus perroti Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus personatus Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus peseshus Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus petersii Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus pexus Myrmosericus Morocco
Camponotus phytophilus Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus piceatus Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus piceus Myrmentoma France
Camponotus picipes Tanaemyrmex French Guiana
Camponotus pictostriatus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus pilicornis Tanaemyrmex Spain
Camponotus pittieri Myrmobrachys Costa Rica
Camponotus placidus Uncertain Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus planatus Myrmobrachys Cuba
Camponotus planitae Tanaemyrmex Tunisia
Camponotus planus Myrmocladoecus Ecuador (Galapagos Is)
Camponotus platypus Myrmotarsus Philippines
Camponotus platytarsus Myrmoplatypus Mexico
Camponotus plutus Myrmoplatypus French Guiana
Camponotus poecilus Myrmamblys Indonesia (Buru Island)
Camponotus polymorphicus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus pompeius Tanaemyrmex Gabon
Camponotus postangulatus Myrmostenus Peru
Camponotus postcornutus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus posticus Tanaemyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus postoculatus Myrmotrema South Africa
Camponotus pressipes Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus propinquellus Myrmobrachys Peru
Camponotus propinquus Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus prostans Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus prosulcatus Paramyrmamblys Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus pseudoirritans Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus pseudolendus Myrmosericus China
Camponotus puberulus Myrmotrema Somalia
Camponotus pulchellus Myrmamblys New Caledonia
Camponotus pullatus Tanaemyrmex Mexico
Camponotus pulvinatus Tanaemyrmex Tanzania
Camponotus punctaticeps Myrmamblys Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus punctatissimus Camponotus Myanmar
Camponotus punctatus Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus punctiventris Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus punctulatus Tanaemyrmex Argentina
Camponotus puniceps Orthonotomyrmex India
Camponotus pupillus Tanaemyrmex Morocco
Camponotus putatus Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus quadrimaculatus Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus quadrimaculatus sellaris Mayria
Camponotus quadrinotatus Myrmentoma Japan
Camponotus quadrisectus Myrmotarsus Philippines
Camponotus radiatus Myrmotrema India
Camponotus radovae Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus raina Mayria
Camponotus ramulorum Tanaemyrmex Bahamas
Camponotus rapax Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus raphaelis Myrmocladoecus Costa Rica
Camponotus reaumuri Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus rebeccae Myrmentoma Syria
Camponotus reburrus Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus rectangularis Myrmocladoecus Costa Rica
Camponotus rectithorax Myrmentoma Mexico
Camponotus reevei Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus reichardti Camponotus Uzbekistan
Colobopsis reichenspergeri Colobopsis Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus reinaldi Myrmosphincta Brazil
Camponotus renggeri Myrmothrix Paraguay
Camponotus repens Mayria Madagascar
Camponotus reticulatus Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus reticulatus sericellus Myrmamblys
Camponotus rhamses Myrmotrema Egypt
Camponotus riedeli Tanaemyrmex Iraq
Camponotus robecchii Myrmotrema Somalia
Camponotus robertae Paramyrmamblys Ivory Coast
Camponotus robustus Myrmepinotus Madagascar
Camponotus roeseli Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus rotumanus Myrmamblys Fiji Is
Camponotus rotundinodis Myrmacrhaphe Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus roubaudi Tanaemyrmex Congo
Camponotus ruber Myrmentoma Algeria
Camponotus rubidus Tanaemyrmex China
Camponotus rubiginosus Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus rubripes Tanaemyrmex Sierra Leone
Camponotus rubrithorax Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus rufifemur Myrmotarsus Indonesia (Mentawei Island)
Camponotus rufigaster Myrmotarsus Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus rufipes Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus rufoglaucus Myrmosericus India
Camponotus rufus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus rusticus Myrmaphaenus Argentina
Camponotus sacchii Tanaemyrmex Somalia
Camponotus salvini Myrmaphaenus Panama
Camponotus samius Tanaemyrmex Greece
Camponotus sanctaefidei Myrmocladoecus Colombia
Camponotus sanctus Tanaemyrmex Israel
Camponotus sankisianus Orthonotomyrmex Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus sannini Tanaemyrmex Lebanon
Camponotus sansabeanus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus santosi Tanaemyrmex Cuba
Camponotus satan Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus saussurei Myrmeurynota Antilles
Camponotus saxatilis Camponotus Russia
Camponotus sayi Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus scabrinodis Orthonotomyrmex Zimbabwe
Camponotus scalaris Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus schaefferi Camponotus United States
Camponotus schneei Myrmamblys Marshall Is
Camponotus schoutedeni Mayria Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus scipio Myrmobrachys Paraguay
Camponotus scissus Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus scratius Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus sculptor Myrmaphaenus Argentina
Camponotus sedulus Myrmotarsus Borneo
Camponotus selene Orthonotomyrmex Myanmar
Camponotus sellidorsatus Mayria South Africa
Camponotus semirufus Myrmentoma Kazakhstan
Camponotus semitestaceus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus semoni Pseudocolobopsis Venezuela
Camponotus senex Myrmobrachys Brazil
Camponotus septentrionalis Incertae sedis United States
Camponotus sericatus Myrmothrix Brazil
Camponotus sericeiventris Myrmepomis Brazil
Camponotus sericeus Orthonotomyrmex Senegal
Camponotus serotinus Tanaemyrmex Morocco
Camponotus sesquipedalis Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus setitibia Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus seurati Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus sexguttatus Myrmosphincta Antilles
Camponotus sexpunctatus Tanaemyrmex Mozambique
Camponotus shaqualavensis Tanaemyrmex Iraq
Camponotus sibreei Myrmepinotus Madagascar
Camponotus sicheli Myrmentoma Algeria
Camponotus siemsseni Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sumatra)
Camponotus sikorae Myrmonesites Madagascar
Camponotus silvestrii Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus silvicola Tanaemyrmex Colombia
Camponotus simillimus Tanaemyrmex Panama
Camponotus simoni Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus simulans Myrmopsamma Namibia
Camponotus simulator Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus simus Paramyrmamblys Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus singularis Myrmosaulus Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus sklarus Tanaemyrmex Myanmar
Camponotus snellingi Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus socius Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus socorroensis Myrmobrachys Mexico
Camponotus socrates Tanaemyrmex India
Camponotus solon Tanaemyrmex Angola
Camponotus somalinus Tanaemyrmex Somalia
Camponotus spanis Camponotus China
Camponotus sphaericus Manniella Cuba
Camponotus sphenocephalus Myrmostenus Peru
Camponotus sphenoidalis Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus spinitarsus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus spinolae Tanaemyrmex Chile
Camponotus spissinodis Myrmentoma Algeria
Camponotus sponsorum Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus staryi Myrmentoma Iraq
Camponotus storeatus Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus strangulatus Tanaemyrmex Madagascar
Camponotus striatipes Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus striatus Myrmobrachys Panama
Camponotus subbarbatus Myrmentoma United States
Camponotus subcircularis Myrmobrachys Bolivia
Camponotus subnitidus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus substitutus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus subtilis Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Batjan Island)
Camponotus subtruncatus Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus sucki Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus suffusus Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus sylvaticus Tanaemyrmex France
Camponotus tahatensis Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus taino Snelling & Torres Tanaemyrmex Puerto Rico
Camponotus taipingensis Tanaemyrmex West Malaysia
Camponotus tashcumiri Uncertain Kyrgyzstan
Camponotus tasmani Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus tauricollis Myrmotrema Mozambique
Camponotus tejonia Incertae sedis United States
Camponotus tenuipes Tanaemyrmex Borneo
Camponotus tenuiscapus Tanaemyrmex Uruguay
Camponotus tepicanus Tanaemyrmex Mexico
Camponotus terbimaculatus Pseudocolobopsis Brazil
Camponotus terebrans Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus tergestinus Myrmentoma Italy
Camponotus terricola Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Java)
Camponotus territus Myrmaphaenus Argentina
Camponotus testaceus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus texanus Camponotus United States
Camponotus texens Karavaievia West Malaysia
Camponotus textor Myrmobrachys
Camponotus thales Tanaemyrmex Lesotho
Camponotus thomasseti Myrmamblys Seychelles Is
Camponotus thoracicus Tanaemyrmex Algeria
Camponotus thraso Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus thysanopus Myrmeurynota Cuba
Camponotus tilhoi Myrmotrema Chad
Camponotus timidus Uncertain India
Camponotus tonduzi Pseudocolobopsis Costa Rica
Camponotus tonkinus Camponotus China
Camponotus torrei Manniella Cuba
Camponotus toussainti Myrmeurynota Haiti
Camponotus traegaordhi Tanaemyrmex South Africa
Camponotus transvaalensis Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus trapeziceps Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus trapezoideus Myrmobrachys Colombia
Camponotus trepidulus Myrmobrachys United States
Camponotus tricolor Myrmopiromis Sudan
Camponotus tricoloratus Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus trietericus Myrmamblys Philippines
Camponotus trifasciatus Myrmespera South Africa
Camponotus tripartitus Myrmocladoecus Brazil
Camponotus tristis Myrmophyma Australia
Camponotus truebi Myrmentoma Taiwan
Camponotus tumidus Thlipsepinotus Australia
Camponotus turkestanicus Tanaemyrmex Kazakhstan
Camponotus turkestanus Tanaemyrmex Kazakhstan
Camponotus ulcerosus Myrmaphaenus United States
Camponotus ulei Pseudocolobopsis Peru
Camponotus ulvarum Pseudocolobopsis Costa Rica
Camponotus universitatis Tanaemyrmex France
Camponotus urichi Myrmosphincta Trinidad
Camponotus urichi sculnus Myrmosphincta
Camponotus ursus Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus ustus Tanaemyrmex Antilles
Camponotus vafer Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus vagus Camponotus Austria
Camponotus valdeziae Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus varians Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus variegatus Tanaemyrmex Sri Lanka
Camponotus variegatus ambonensis Tanaemyrmex
Camponotus varius Myrmentoma India
Camponotus varus Tanaemyrmex Angola
Camponotus velox Uncertain India
Camponotus versicolor Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus vespertinus Uncertain Zimbabwe
Camponotus vestitus Myrmosericus South Africa
Camponotus vicinus Tanaemyrmex United States
Camponotus victoriae Myrmopiromis South Africa
Camponotus viehmeyeri Thlipsepinotus New Guinea
Camponotus vigilans Uncertain Borneo
Camponotus vinosus Uncertain Brazil
Camponotus viri Myrmamblys Kenya
Camponotus virulens Tanaemyrmex Indonesia (Sulawesi)
Camponotus vitiosus Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus vittatus Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus vividus Myrmopelta Sierra Leone
Camponotus voeltzkowii Myrmopiromis Madagascar
Camponotus vogti Myrmentoma Turkey
Camponotus vulpus Paramyrmamblys Democratic Republic of Congo
Camponotus wasmanni Orthonotomyrmex India
Camponotus wedda Myrmamblys Sri Lanka
Camponotus weismanni Myrmamblys New Guinea
Camponotus wellmani Tanaemyrmex Angola
Camponotus werthi Tanaemyrmex Kerguelen Island
Camponotus westermanni Myrmaphaenus Brazil
Camponotus wheeleri Myrmoplatypus Brazil
Camponotus whitei Myrmosaulus Australia
Camponotus wiederkehri Tanaemyrmex Australia
Camponotus wroughtonii Myrmentoma India
Camponotus wytsmani Myrmobrachys Bolivia
Camponotus xanthogaster Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus xerxes Tanaemyrmex Iran
Camponotus yala Myrmobrachys Argentina
Camponotus yamaokai Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus yambaru Myrmamblys Japan
Camponotus yessensis Camponotus Japan
Camponotus yiningensis Orthonotomyrmex China
Camponotus zenon Tanaemyrmex Brazil
Camponotus zimmermanni Myrmosericus Ethiopia
Camponotus zoc Myrmobrachys Venezuela
Camponotus zonatus Tanaemyrmex