Camponotus barbatus taylori

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Camponotus barbatus taylori
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Formicinae
Tribe: Camponotini
Genus: Camponotus
Species: C. barbatus
Subspecies: C. barbatus taylori
Trinomial name
Camponotus barbatus taylori
Forel, 1892



Latitudinal Distribution Pattern

Latitudinal Range: 22.675° to 20.92583°.

Tropical South

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Oriental Region: Bangladesh, India (type locality), Sri Lanka.
Palaearctic Region: China.

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Distribution based on AntWeb specimens

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • taylori. Camponotus maculatus r. taylori Forel, 1892j: 241 (s.w.) INDIA (Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra).
    • Imai, et al. 1984: 9 (k.).
    • Combination in C. (Tanaemyrmex): Emery, 1925b: 93.
    • Subspecies of maculatus: Emery, 1896d: 370 (in list); Yano, 1910: 422.
    • Status as species: Rothney, 1903: 99; Bingham, 1903: 353; Wheeler, W.M. 1913e: 237; Collingwood, 1962: 223; Wang, C., Xiao & Wu, 1989a: 223 (in key); Tiwari, 1999: 71.
    • Subspecies of barbatus: Forel, 1902d: 288; Forel, 1903a: 711; Forel, 1904c: 29; Forel, 1907a: 31; Forel, 1907e: 19; Forel, 1909e: 397; Forel, 1911i: 228; Emery, 1925b: 93; Menozzi, 1939a: 318 (in key); Donisthorpe, 1942d: 458; Chapman & Capco, 1951: 243; Bolton, 1995b: 126; Karmaly & Narendran, 2006: 49; Ran & Zhou, 2011: 66; Guénard & Dunn, 2012: 27; Bharti, Guénard, et al. 2016: 23.



  • 2n = 24, karyotype = 24A (India) (Imai et al., 1984) (as Camponotus taylori).


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