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There are twenty eight species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants.

List of Chalcura and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Chalcura aeginetus (Walker 1846) ants India
Chalcura aeneobrunnea (Girault, 1929) ants Australia
Chalcura affinis (Bingham, 1906) ants Australia
Chalcura bicoloriventris (Girault, 1915) ants Australia
Chalcura bispinosa (Girault, 1929) ants Australia
Chalcura brunneipolita (Girault, 1934) ants Australia
Chalcura bunyae (Girault, 1934) ants Australia
Chalcura cameroni (Kirby, 1886) ants Singapore
Chalcura deprivata (Walker, 1860) Odontomachus haematodus Sri Lanka
Chalcura elongata (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Chalcura hemiglabra (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Chalcura hyalina (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Chalcura maculata Watanabe, 1958 ants Marshall Islands
Chalcura magnifica (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Chalcura maximovichi (Girault, 1936) ants Australia
Chalcura monilicornis (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Chalcura niayensis Risbec, 1957 ants Australia
Chalcura nigricyanea (Girault, 1913) Rhytidoponera metallica Australia
Chalcura orientalis (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Chalcura partiglabra (Girault, 1926) ants Australia
Chalcura peterseni (Hedqvist, 1978) ants Australia
Chalcura polita (Girault, 1915) Rhytidoponera metallica Australia
Chalcura purpura (Girault, 1913) ants Australia
Chalcura ramosa (Girault, 1940) ants Australia
Chalcura rufiventris (Walker, 1862) ants Australia
Chalcura samoana Fullaway, 1940 ants Australia
Chalcura sanguiniventris (Girault, 1929) ants Australia
Chalcura turneri (Kirby, 1894) ants Australia
Chalcura upeensis Fullaway, 1913 ants Australia
Chalcura volusus (Walker, 1839) ants Australia


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