Checklist of Dorymyrmex species

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Dorymyrmex bituber casent0173842 head 1.jpg
Dorymyrmex bituber
Dorymyrmex Distribution.png
Dorymyrmex Species Richness.png
Species Richness
Valid Species 87
Invalid Species 6
Fossils 0
Countries Occupied 32
Year Described 1866
First Species Described 1863
Last Species Described 2011

The following species and subspecies belong to the genus Dorymyrmex. Synonyms are listed under their senior names. For valid names only see Dorymyrmex species and for distribution information see Dorymyrmex species by Country.


agallardoi Snelling, R.R., 1975 (Chile)
alboniger Forel, 1914 (Argentina)
amazonicus Cuezzo & Guerrero, 2011 (Colombia)
antarcticus Forel, 1904 (Argentina, Chile)
   • Dorymyrmex tener pallidipes Brèthes, 1914

antillanus Snelling, R.R., 2005 (Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Puerto Rico)


baeri André, 1903 (Argentina)
bicolor Wheeler, W.M., 1906 (Belize, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, United States)
biconis Forel, 1912 (Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela)
bituber Santschi, 1916 (Argentina, Paraguay)
bituber laticeps Santschi, 1919 (Argentina)
bossutus (Trager, 1988) (United States)
breviscapis Forel, 1912 (Argentina)
breviscapis alvarezi Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
breviscapis elongatulus Santschi, 1919 (Argentina)
breviscapis speculiceps Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
bruchi Forel, 1912 (Argentina)
brunneus Forel, 1908 (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname)
bureni (Trager, 1988) (Mexico, United States)


carettei Forel, 1913 (Argentina)
caretteoides Forel, 1914 (Argentina)
chilensis Forel, 1911 (Chile)
confusus (Kusnezov, 1952) (Argentina)
   • Dorymyrmex gallardoi Santschi, 1919

coniculus Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)


ebeninus Forel, 1914 (Argentina)
elegans (Trager, 1988) (Mexico, United States)
emmaericaellus Kusnezov, 1951 (Bolivia)
ensifer Forel, 1912 (Argentina)
ensifer laevigatus Gallardo, 1916 (Argentina)
ensifer weiseri Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
exsanguis Forel, 1912 (Argentina, Paraguay)
exsanguis anaemicus Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
exsanguis carbonarius Forel, 1913 (Argentina)
exsanguis sordidus Santschi, 1919 (Argentina)


flavescens Mayr, 1866 (Argentina)
   • Dorymyrmex mucronatus Emery, 1906

flavescens jactans Santschi, 1916 (Argentina)
flavescens mandibularis Santschi, 1925 (Argentina)
flavopectus Smith, M.R., 1944 (Mexico, United States)
flavus McCook, 1879 (Mexico, United States)
   • Dorymyrmex pyramicus nigra Pergande, 1896

fusculus Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)


goeldii Forel, 1904 (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia)
goeldii dubius Forel, 1912 (Brazil)
goeldii fumigatus Forel, 1908 (Brazil)
goetschi Goetsch, 1933 (Chile)
grandulus (Forel, 1922) (United States)


hunti (Snelling, R.R., 1975) (Chile)
hypocritus (Snelling, R.R., 1975) (Chile)


incomptus (Snelling, R.R., 1975) (Chile)
insanus (Buckley, 1866) (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Greater Antilles, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, United States, Venezuela)


jheringi Forel, 1912 (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay)
joergenseni Bruch, 1917 (Argentina)


lipan Snelling, R.R., 1995 (Mexico, United States)


medeis (Trager, 1988) (United States)
minutus Emery, 1895 (Argentina, Chile)
morenoi Bruch, 1921 (Argentina)
morenoi patagon Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)


paiute Snelling, R.R., 1995 (United States)
pappodes (Snelling, R.R., 1975) (Chile)
paranensis Santschi, 1922 (Argentina, Paraguay)
planidens Mayr, 1868 (Argentina, Chile)
pogonius (Snelling, R.R., 1975) (Chile)
pulchellus Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
pyramicus (Roger, 1863) (Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greater Antilles, Guatemala, Guyana, Lesser Antilles, Mexico, Suriname, Uruguay)
pyramicus albemarlensis Wheeler, W.M., 1919 (Ecuador, Galapagos Islands)
pyramicus alticonis Forel, 1912 (Brazil)
pyramicus garbei Forel, 1911 (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay)
pyramicus guyanensis Santschi, 1922 (French Guiana)
pyramicus mesonotalis Forel, 1912 (Panama)
pyramicus nigriventris Santschi, 1922 (Argentina)
pyramicus peruvianus Wheeler, W.M., 1919 (Peru)
pyramicus rubriceps Forel, 1912 (Brazil)


reginicula (Trager, 1988) (United States)
richteri Forel, 1911 (Argentina)


santschii Gallardo, 1917 (Argentina)
silvestrii Gallardo, 1916 (Argentina)
smithi Cole, 1936 (Mexico, United States)
spurius Santschi, 1929 (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay)
steigeri Santschi, 1912 (Argentina, Uruguay)
steigeri platensis Gallardo, 1916 (Argentina)


tener Mayr, 1868 (Argentina, Chile)
tener donisthorpei (Santschi, 1936) (Argentina, Chile)
   • Araucomyrmex tener obscurior Kusnezov, 1953
   • Iridomyrmex bicolor Donisthorpe, 1933

thoracicus Gallardo, 1916 (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela)
thoracicus gracilis Santschi, 1920 (Argentina)
thoracicus tigris Santschi, 1925 (Argentina)
tuberosus Cuezzo & Guerrero, 2011 (Colombia)


wheeleri (Kusnezov, 1952) (United States)
wolffhuegeli Forel, 1911 (Argentina)


xerophylus Cuezzo & Guerrero, 2011 (Colombia)