Checklist of Kalathomyrmex species

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Kalathomyrmex emeryi casent0010816 head 1.jpg
Kalathomyrmex emeryi
Kalathomyrmex Distribution.png
Kalathomyrmex Species Richness.png
Species Richness
Valid Species 1
Invalid Species 9
Fossils 0
Countries Occupied 8
Year Described 2009
First Species Described 1907
Last Species Described 1907


The following species and subspecies belong to the genus Kalathomyrmex. Synonyms are listed under their senior names. For valid names only see Kalathomyrmex species and for distribution information see Kalathomyrmex species by Country.


emeryi (Forel, 1907) (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela)
   • Mycetophylax bolivari Weber, 1948
   • Mycetophylax emeryi hubrichi Santschi, 1925
   • Mycetophylax emeryi weiseri Santschi, 1929
   • Mycetophylax glaber Weber, 1948
   • Mycetophylax hummelincki Weber, 1948
   • Myrmicocrypta emeryi arenicola Forel, 1912
   • Myrmicocrypta emeryi argentina Santschi, 1916
   • Myrmicocrypta emeryi fortis Forel, 1912
   • Myrmicocrypta emeryi gallardoi Santschi, 1922