Cremastocheilus constricticollis

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Cremastocheilus constricticollis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Scarabaeidae
Subfamily: Cetoniinae
Tribe: Cremastocheilini
Genus: Cremastocheilus
Subgenus: Trinodia
Species: C. constricticollis
Binomial name
Cremastocheilus constricticollis
Cazier, 1940

ASUHIC0033367 habitus lateral 1423843835 web.jpg

One of about thirty-five species of myrmecophilous Cremastocheilus. The host ant is Myrmecocystus mexicanus.


This species belongs with the species in the Trinodia group but is apparently only distantly related to any previously described. It can be separated from all other species by its narrow pronotum, and the transverse impression on the front of the head.


Arizona (Duquesne Road east of Rio Rico, Santa Cruz County)


Common host is Myrmecocystus mexicanus.



Holotype female in the collection of Mark Robinson, collected at Bonita, Graham Co., Arizona, from the collection of Charles Schaeffer.


Medium sized, elytra moderately robust, pronotum slightly more than one-half as wide as elytra; thorax and elytra piceous, head and legs reddish. Head with vertex moderately densely punctate, punctures separated by about their own widths, front with transverse impression in front of eyes, front and impression clothed with golden pile, median carina prominent, glabrous dorsally, sides with pile behind and a tomentose patch on either side in front but behind reflexed clypeal margin; clypeus impunctate, as wide as head and strongly reflexed, median reflexed portion extending posteriorly and connecting with carina; mentum cupuliform, front and side margins evenly rounded, posterior margin medially produced into an acute point. Pronotum slightly more than one-half as wide as elytra, side margins evenly, obtusely rounded, anterior angles auriculate, inner notch moderately deep, posterior angles acute, straight; surface with median portion opaque, impressed, sparsely, irregularly punctate. Elytra opaque, side margins subparallel, evenly rounded to apex, surface densely covered with elongate punctures, which are nerly coalescent longitudinally and separated by about their own widths transversely. Beneath bare, sparsely punctate, anterior tibiae bidentate, posterior tooth distad to middle, tarsi five-segmented, laterally flattened; pygidium roughened, without regular punctures, dorsal two-thirds opaque, ventral one-third shining. Length 11mm., width 4.5 mm.


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