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Cryptocephalomorpha is a myrmecophilous genus of beetles in the family Carabidae with twelve species. One of the characteristics of the genus Cryptocephalomorpha is that the labrum is not visible but hidden under the head.

List of Cryptocephalomorpha and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Cryptocephalomorpha australica Baehr, 1997 ants Australia
Cryptocephalomorpha collaris (C.O.Waterhouse, 1877) ants Philippines, Thailand
Cryptocephalomorpha gaverei Ritsema, 1875 ants Indonesia (Borneo, Java, Sumatra), Laos, Malaysia, Thailand
Cryptocephalomorpha genieri Baehr, 1997 ants Republic of South Africa
Cryptocephalomorpha gigantea Baehr, 2002 ants Indonesia (Borneo)
Cryptocephalomorpha indica Cryptocephalomorpha indica.jpg Baehr, 2013 ants India
Cryptocephalomorpha laosensis Cryptocephalomorpha laosensis.jpg Baehr, 2013 ants Laos
Cryptocephalomorpha major Baehr, 1997 ants Laos, Thailand, Viet Nam
Cryptocephalomorpha maxima Baehr, 2009 ants Laos
Cryptocephalomorpha ovalisCryptocephalomorpha ovalis.jpg Baehr, 2013 ants Malaysia
Cryptocephalomorpha papua Darlington, 1968 ants Melanesia
Cryptocephalomorpha siamensis Maruyama, Komatsu & Sakchoowong, 2016 Pheidole singaporensis Thailand


  • Maruyama M., Komatsu T., Sakchoowong W., 2016, Host record of the myrmecophilous carabid genus Cryptocephalomorpha (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pseudomorphinae) with description of a new species from Thailand. Entomological Science, 2016.10.