Dorylus affinis aegyptiacus

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Dorylus affinis aegyptiacus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Dorylinae
Genus: Dorylus
Species: D. affinis
Subspecies: D. affinis aegyptiacus
Trinomial name
Dorylus affinis aegyptiacus
Mayr, 1865



Latitudinal Distribution Pattern

Latitudinal Range: 4.25° to -20.16667°.

Tropical South

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Afrotropical Region: Eritrea.
Palaearctic Region: Egypt (type locality), Ethiopia.

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Distribution based on AntWeb specimens

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Countries Occupied

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Estimated Abundance

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • aegyptiacus. Dorylus aegyptiacus Mayr, 1865: 76 (footnote) (m.) EGYPT.
    • Type-material: 2 syntype males.
    • Type-locality: Egypt: (no further data).
    • Type-depository: NHMW.
    • Emery, 1915g: 3 (w.).
    • Combination in D. (Dorylus): Emery, 1895j: 720.
    • Status as species; André, 1882c: 255 (in key); André, 1884b: 538.
    • Junior synonym of affinis: Emery, 1892a: 110.
    • Subspecies of affinis: Emery, 1892c: liv; Dalla Torre, 1893: 10; Emery, 1895j: 720; Emery, 1896i: 153; Emery, 1897e: 596; Mayr, 1904b: 1; Forel, 1910c: 248; Emery, 1910b: 10; Santschi, 1910g: 744; Karavaiev, 1911: 3; Emery, 1915g: 5; Santschi, 1917c: 19 (in key); Wheeler, W.M. 1922a: 728; Viehmeyer, 1923: 85; Santschi, 1933b: 97; Finzi, 1939a: 155; Menozzi & Consani, 1952: 57; Bolton, 1995b: 177; Madl, 2019: 13.
    • Senior synonym of abyssinicus: Forel, 1910c: 248; Wheeler, W.M. 1922a: 728; Bolton, 1995b: 177.
    • Distribution: Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan.
  • abyssinicus. Dorylus (Dorylus) brevinodosus var. abyssinicus Emery, 1895j: 717 (w.) ETHIOPIA.
    • Type-material: holotype(?) worker.
    • [Note: no indication of number of specimens is given.]
    • Type-locality: Ethiopia: Bogos, Karen (O. Beccari).
    • Type-depository: MSNG.
    • Subspecies of affinis: Emery, 1910b: 10.
    • Junior synonym of aegyptiacus: Forel, 1910c: 248; Wheeler, W.M. 1922a: 728; Bolton, 1995b: 177.



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