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There are three myrmecophilous species in this genus. The genus Furcantenna is characterized by the combination of the following characters: wing vein R4+5 without posterior appendix; wing vein M1 straight, perpendicular to wing vein R4+5; abdomen broadly oval; antenna inserted below dorsal eye margin; basal antennal flagellomere much longer than scape, longer than distance between antennal socket and anterior oral margin; scutellum apicomedially sulcate; metasternum developed. There are 43 genera and more than 400 species in this Microdontinae subfamily of Syrphidae.

Based on morphology,Furcantenna nepalen-siswas recovered in a clade containing Carreramyia and Schizoceratomyia. Furcantennais is very similar to Schizocer-atomyiain both external morphology and male genitalia, but presently available evidence is not conclusive about the exact relationships between these taxa.

List of Furcantenna and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution
Furcantenna malayana Reemer, 2020 ants Malaysia
Furcantenna nepalensis Reemer, 2013 ants Nepal
Furcantenna yangi Cheng, 2008 ants China