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There are eight species in this genus which are Parasitoids of ants.

List of Hayatosema and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Hayatosema assectator (Kerrich, 1963) Pheidole India
Hayatosema delhiensis (Narendran & Girish Kumar, 2005) ants India
Hayatosema initiator (Kerrich, 1963) ants Australasian: Japan (Ryuku Islands). Oriental: India (Assam); Taiwan; Vietnam
Hayatosema kailashi (Girish Kumar & Sureshan, 2015) ants India
Hayatosema nigra (Heraty, 1994) ants South Africa, Uganda
Hayatosema nirupama (Girish Kumar & Narendran, 2007) ants India
Hayatosema plicator Burks, 2017 ants Vietnam
Hayatosema siruvanica (Girish Kumar & Sureshan, 2015) ants India


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