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This worker key is based on Jaitrong, W., Yamane, S. & Chanthalangsy, N. (2011) The ant genus Aenictus from Laos, with description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Aenictinae). Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 14, 317-322.

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  • Typhlatta spot absent; body yellow to yellowish brown; mandible narrow, its masticatory margin with 3 teeth including apical tooth . . . . . 3
  • Typhlatta spot present; body black, dark brown to reddish brown; mandible subtriangular, its masticatory margin with more than 3 teeth including apical tooth . . . . . 4


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Aenictus doydeei casent0903680 p 1 high.jpg
Aenictus nishimurai side (


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Aenictus binghami casent0217371 p 1 high.jpg
Aenictus hodgsoni casent0249281 p 1 high.jpg


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  • Anterior clypeal margin feebly concave or almost straight; mandible narrow or linear; with mandibles in closure leaving a gap between mandibles and anterior clypeal margin; antennal scape short, extending half length of head; promesonotum entirely smooth and shiny . . . . . Aenictus cf. fuhuaenensis
  • Anterior clypeal margin distinctly convex; mandible triangular; with mandibles in closure lacking a gap between mandibles and anterior clypeal margin; antennal scape, extending beyond posterior margin of head; promesonotum entirely densely micropunctate . . . . . Aenictus cf. dentatus