Key to Afrotropical Odontomachus species

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Key created from Brown 1976 [1] and Fisher & Smith[2] to cover the three reported species for the Afrotropical Region


  • First gastric tergum with abundant and conspicuous appressed to decumbent pubescence; sides of petiolar node finely striate or reticulate. Pronotum horizontally striated .....2
  • First gastric segment glassy smooth, without appreciable pubescence, but usually with a few coarse hairs; petiolar node prevailingly smooth and shining. Pronotum transverselly striated .....Odontomachus assiniensis
Odontomachus assiniensis sam-hym-c002699b profile 1.jpg


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  • Metasternal process acute, forming paired, slender spines, often unequal in length. Petiole spine notably bent posteriorly at base . . . . . Odontomachus troglodytes
MCZ ENT Odontomachus haematodus hal.jpg
  • Metasternal process low, rounded. Petiole spine slightly curved posteriorly, but not noticeably bent posteriorly at base of spine . . . . . Odontomachus simillimus
MCZ Odontomachus simillimus hal1 6.jpg