Key to Afrotropical Parasyscia Species

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Brown (1975)[1] revises the Afrotropical species as part of Cerapachys. The key includes the Afrotropical species except those belonging to the cribrinodis group, and is modified to include only the Parasyscia species


Parasyscia nitidulus casent0249314 h 1 high.jpg
Parasyscia nitidulus casent0249314 p 1 high.jpg


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  • Eyes absent or minute, at most with 1-5 pigmented facets in its longest row ..… Parasyscia kenyensis

(NOTE: modified from the original: Eyes absent or minute, at most with 1-2 pigmented facets)

Cerapachys kenyensis casent0178206 head 1.jpg
Cerapachys kenyensis casent0178206 profile 1.jpg


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  • Petiolar node slightly but distinctly longer than broad (Note that ergatoid workers, if exists, may have broader petiolar nodes) ….. Parasyscia centurio
Cerapachys centurio castype12081-01 head 1.jpg
Cerapachys centurio castype12081-01 profile 1.jpg


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  • Dorsal surface of head behind eyes very finely roughened and opaque over and between larger punctures; pronotum, petiole and postpetiole with similar opaque sculpture; first gastric segment with very fine, dense punctuation on a shining surface; colour black ….. Parasyscia sylvicola
Cerapachys sylvicola casent0066868 head 1.jpg
Cerapachys sylvicola casent0066868 profile 1.jpg
  • Dorsal surface of head behind eyes mostly smooth, or nearly so, with scattered punctures, though sometimes with a roughened area along the extreme posterior margin; sculpture of rest of the body as least partly different from that described from ‘’’sylvicola’’’. Colour black to ferruginous . . . . . 5


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  • Petiole and postpetiole both with coarse, contiguous and confluent punctures, overlain in large part by punctulate-granulose microsculpture that renders the surface prevailingly opaque. Colour dark reddish brown ….. Parasyscia lamborni
Cerapachys lamborni casent0178208 head 1.jpg
Cerapachys lamborni casent0178208 profile 1.jpg
  • Petiole and postpetiole, or at least one of the two segments, with separate punctures, the interspaces smooth and shining ….. ‘’’cribrinodis’’’ group (text in parenthesis reflects notes [30] on the reference)

Parasyscia afer

Cerapachys afer casent0902712 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys afer casent0902712 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia arnoldi (variant form of ‘’’peringueyi’’’?)

Cerapachys arnoldi casent0281974 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys arnoldi casent0281974 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia cribrinodis

Cerapachys cribrinodis casent0903777 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys cribrinodis casent0903777 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia faurei (small variant of ‘’’afer’’’?) No images available

Parasyscia natalensis

Cerapachys natalensis casent0902713 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys natalensis casent0902713 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia peringueyi

Cerapachys peringueyi casent0281975 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys peringueyi casent0281975 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia sudanensis

Cerapachys sudanensis casent0902714 h 1 high.jpg
Cerapachys sudanensis casent0902714 p 1 high.jpg

Parasyscia valida No images available