Key to Afrotropical Platythyrea workers

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Key based on Brown (1975)[1]

NOTE: This key covers all the Afrotropical especies except Platythyrea matopoensis known only from sexuals and Platythyrea viehmeyeri

Platythyrea viehmeyeri focol0502 p 1 high.jpg
Platythyrea viehmeyeri focol0502 d 1 high.jpg


  • Opening of propodeal spiracle round or oval . . . . . 2
  • Opening of propodeal spiracle elongate, slit shaped. . . . . 8


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  • Posterior margin of petiolar node completely unarmed; mandibles with masticatory borders toothless, cultrate; head width (eyes omitted) < 0.9 mm ..... Platythyrea cooperi
Platythyrea cooperi sam-hym-c002698a profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea cooperi sam-hym-c002698a dorsal 1.jpg
  • Posterior margin of petiolar node armed with 2 or 3 blunt teeth or angles; mandibles finely but distinctly toothed or crenulate; head width (eyes omitted) usually 0.9 mm or more . . . . . 4


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  • Head width (eyes omitted) < 1.0 mm; in full-face view, scapes fail to reach posterior margin of head ..... Platythyrea tenuis
Platythyrea tenuis casent0903798 p 1 high.jpg
Platythyrea tenuis casent0903798 d 1 high.jpg
  • Head width (eyes omitted) >1.0 mm; in full-face view, scapes overreach posterior margin of head at least slightly when held straight back from insertions . . . . . 5


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  • Second segment of antennal funiculus about twice as long as third, and much longer than eye ..... Platythyrea occidentalis
Platythyrea occidentalis sam-ent-0011507 profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea occidentalis sam-ent-0011507 dorsal 1.jpg
  • Second segment of antennal funiculus about the same length as third, and much shorter than eye . . . . . 6


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  • Posterodorsal extremity of petiolar node between lateral teeth rounding downward into posterior face, or at least without a sharp projecting margin; mandible near base with a strong dorsolateral groove . . . . . 7
  • Posterodorsal extremity of petiolar node with a sharply projecting margin that include the 2 lateral teeth or angles and a low median tooth or lobe that overhangs the concave posterior face; mandible without dorsolateral groove ..... Platythyrea modesta
Platythyrea modesta sam-hym-c000992b profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea modesta sam-hym-c000992b dorsal 1.jpg


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  • Sculpture opaque, with many conspicuous large punctures on petiole and other dorsal surfaces ..... Platythyrea schultzei
  • Sculpture of dorsal surfaces fine and in part feebly shining; coarser punctures small and shallow, inconspicuous on petiole and other dorsal surfaces ..... Platythyrea frontalis
Platythyrea frontalis sam-hym-c008455a profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea frontalis sam-hym-c008455a dorsal 1.jpg


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  • Eyes small, their maximum diameters greatest width of antennal scape in front view; petiolar node with sharp, strongly projecting posterodorsal margin ..... Platythyrea gracillima
Platythyrea gracillima casent0003149 profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea gracillima casent0003149 dorsal 1.jpg
  • Eyes much longer than greatest scape width; posterodorsal border of petiolar node not or only weakly projecting caudad . . . . . 9


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  • Posterior face of petiolar node concave, sharply distinct from dorsal surface, and slightly overhung by the weakly projecting posterodorsal border; mesonotum not at all impressed ..... Platythyrea arnoldi
Platythyrea arnoldi sam-hym-c000534a profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea arnoldi sam-hym-c000534a dorsal 1.jpg
  • Posterior face of petiolar node convex or flat, continuing the rounded dorsal face; mesonotum often impressed, at least weakly and in part . . . . . 10


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  • Petiole long and narrow, width/length index <64; mesonotum distinctly impressed over its whole length ..... Platythyrea lamellosa
Platythyrea lamellosa sam-hym-c001332b profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea lamellosa sam-hym-c001332b dorsal 1.jpg
  • Petiole not so long and narrow, width/length index >64; mesonotum at most feeble impressed in posterior part, where it joins metanotum . . . . . 11


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Platythyrea conradti sam-hym-c002301a profile 1.jpg
Platythyrea conradti sam-hym-c002301a dorsal 1.jpg
Platythyrea crucheti casent0915148 p 1 high.jpg
Platythyrea crucheti casent0915148 d 1 high.jpg