Key to Afrotropical Tetramorium convexum species group

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This worker key is based on Bolton (1980)[1] and the type images available at Antweb

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  • Whole body with abundant long, erect, white, fine hairs. Propodeum unarmed ..... Tetramorium convexum
Tetramorium convexum casent0901211 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium convexum casent0901211 d 1 high.jpg
  • Whole body without hairs of any description escept a very short, scattered adpressed pubescence. Propodeum with two small triangular teeth ..... Tetramorium wadje
Tetramorium wadje casent0901212 p 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium wadje casent0901212 d 1 high.jpg