Key to Afrotropical Tetramorium globulinode species

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This worker key is based on Bolton (1986)[1]

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NOTE: Tetramorium caritum is known only from the queen caste.


Rhoptromyrmex critchleyi casent0901033 p 1 high.jpg
Rhoptromyrmex critchleyi casent0901033 d 1 high.jpg


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  • Mesosoma and usually also the head with dense, opaque reticulate-punctate sculpture throughout ..... Tetramorium opacum
Rhoptromyrmex opacus casent0281191 p 1 high.jpg
Rhoptromyrmex opacus casent0281191 d 1 high.jpg
  • Head and mesosoma in large part smooth and shining . . . . . 3


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  • Postpetiole subglobular, in dorsal view up to about 1,5 times broader than long, in profile with a prominent rounded ventral protuberance ..... Tetramorium globulinode
Rhoptromyrmex globulinodis casent0104916 profile 1.jpg
Rhoptromyrmex globulinodis casent0104916 dorsal 1.jpg
  • Postpetiole transversely subrectangular, in dorsal view up to about twice broader than long, in profile without a prominent rounded ventral protuberance..... Tetramorium transversinode
Rhoptromyrmex transversinodis casent0172462 profile 1.jpg
Rhoptromyrmex transversinodis casent0172462 dorsal 1.jpg