Key to Asphinctanilloides workers

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This key to workers of Leptanilloides formerly placed in Asphinctanilloides is based on Brandão, C. R. F.; Diniz, J. L. M.; Agosti, D.; Delabie, J. H. C. 1999. Revision of the Neotropical ant subfamily Leptanilloidinae. Syst. Entomol. 24: 17-36.


  • Very small and not produced blunt teeth on genae (seen only in high magnifications, 80x); propodeum in profile clearly separated from mesonotum by a deep metanotal groove . . . . . Leptanilloides anae
Asphinctanilloides anae casent0104667 profile 1.jpg
  • Blunt teeth on genae produced (clearly seen in low magnifications, 20x); alitrunk profile continuous; it may have an impression between mesonotum and propodeum, but this does not interrupt the dorsal profile . . . . . 2


  • Propodeal dorsum separated from the declivity by an angle in lateral view; postpetiole ventral process bulging, large and rounded anteriorly . . . . . Leptanilloides amazonus
Asphinctanilloides amazona casent0006815 profile 1.jpg
  • Propodeal dorsum continuous with the declivity through a rounded curve; postpetiole ventral process not so large, straight below, and angulate anteriorly . . . . . Leptanilloides manauara
Asphinctanilloides manauara casent0104668 profile 1.jpg