Key to Australian Diacamma Species

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The following key to Australian Diacamma is based on Shattuck (2008).[1]


  • Dorsal surfaces of pronotum and head with at most very fine, indistinct sculpturing (Northern Territory) => Diacamma leve
Diacamma leve casent0900668 p 1 high.jpg
  • Dorsal surfaces of pronotum and head with distinct rugae (Queensland) => 2


  • First gastral tergite with distinct arched rugae; the dorsal spines relatively widely spaced; anterior face of petiolar node shorter than dorsal face and separated from it by a distinct angle => Diacamma australe
Diacamma australe casent0172071 profile 1.jpg
  • First gastral tergite weakly and indistinctly sculptured; the dorsal spines relatively narrowly spaced; anterior and dorsal faces of petiolar node similar in length and separated by a broad, rounded angle (however dorsal face longer in some northern samples) => 3


  • Smaller species (head length less than 2.8 mm, mesosomal length less than 4.1 mm); entire mandible (except along mandibular teeth) finely striate, occasionally with small scattered fovea (north of Townsville) => Diacamma schoedli
Diacamma schoedli casent0260419 p 1 high.jpg
  • Larger species (head length greater than 2.8 mm, mesosomal length greater than 4.1 mm); anterior region of mandible mainly smooth, basal region weakly striate, elongate fovea present on entire surface (south of MacKay) => Diacamma colosseense
Diacamma colosseense casent0907219 p 1 high.jpg