Key to Cataglyphis pallida group

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his worker key is based on: Sharaf, M.R., Collingwood, C.A. & Aldawood, A.S. 2015. Notes on the ant genus Cataglyphis Foerster, 1850 in the Arabian Peninsula with description of a new species and a key to species of the C. pallida-group. ZooKeys 545: 101-117.

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  • Colour uniform brown or dark brown; mesosoma massively constructed; in profile propodeal dorsum high, meeting declivity in a distinct obtuse angle (Figure 4) Kazakhstan (type locality), Afghanistan, China, Iran, Turkmenistan . . . . . Cataglyphis emeryi
  • Colour uniform pale yellow or orange yellow; mesosoma elegantly or smoothly constructed; in profile propodeal dorsum making a continuous curve into the declivity (Figure 5) . . . . . 2
Figure 5.


  • Ocelli smaller and set apart from each other (OS 0.04, OD 0.10) (Figure 6); posterior margin of head in full-face view convex and without hairs (Figure 6); cephalic surface unsculptured (Figure 6); body colour pale yellow. Kazakhstan (type locality), Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan . . . . . Cataglyphis pallida
  • Ocelli larger and set closer together (OS 0.07, OD 0.07–0.08); posterior margin of head in full-face view straight and with a single pair of hairs (Figure 8); median cephalic surface in front of ocelli feebly but distinctly longitudinally striated, the striae curving outward to lateral margins in front of eyes (Figure 8); body colour orange yellow. Kingom of Saudi Arabia . . . . . Cataglyphis fisheri