Key to Cryptopone of the New World

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This worker key is based on: Fernandes, I.O., Delabie, J.H.C. 2019. A new species of Cryptopone Emery (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae) from Brazil with observations on the genus and a key for New Word species. Sociobiology. 66:408-441 (doi:10.13102/sociobiology.v66i3.4354). The key of Fernandes and Delabie is based on and modified from Mackay & Mackay (2010).

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  • Mandibles nearly elongate-triangular, oblique masticatory margin nearly continuous with basal border, the latter having 4 - 5 teeth; tooth at mid-length of mandible noticeably longer than others; petiolar node as seen from side subtriangular, tapered markedly to a narrowly rounded apex; Mexico (Veracruz), Central America to southeastern Brazil (São Paulo) . . . . . Wadeura guianensis
  • Mandibles triangular, basal and masticatory margins meeting at distinct angle, with at least 6 teeth, approximately equal in length; petiole as seen from side nearly subquadrate, feebly tapered dorsally . . . . . 2


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  • Dorsal face of petiole narrowly convex, shorter than posterior margin in lateral view; anterior half of subpetiolar process translucent and conspicuously larger; United States (Missouri south to Florida), Mexico, Central America at least as far south as Panama . . . . . Cryptopone gilva
  • Dorsal face of petiole broadly convex, nearly equal in length to posterior margin in lateral view; anterior half of subpetiolar process not translucent; Peru east to the Guianas, south to Bolivia . . . . . 3


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  • Small species TL: >5.00 mm; mandible with 7 teeth; clypeus is slightly concave medially with a small raised medial tooth along the anterior margin; Caribbean Islands, Colombia to Brazil (São Paulo) . . . . . Wadeura holmgreni
  • Large species TL: >7.00 mm; mandibles with at least 7 teeth; clypeus medially convex and unarmed (Rondônia) . . . . . Wadeura pauli