Key to Eurhopalothrix platisquama group workers

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This worker key is based on: Mezger, D. and Pfeiffer, M. 2010. Eurhopalothrix elke, a new species from Borneo, and a key to the species of the E. platisquama group. Myrmecological News. 13:133-139.

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  • Two standing setae on posterior section of head near vertex, with considerable distance from mid-line; these setae large and well developed, without smaller setae between them (Fig. 10). No lateral setae on postpetiole (Northern Sarawak). . . . . . Eurhopalothrix elke
Eurhopalothrix fig 9-11.png
  • Four to six standing setae on posterior section of head, either completely at midline near occiput or in part distant from midline. Postpetiole with pair of lateral setae . . . . . 2


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  • Array of four smaller standing setae in middle of head. Squamiform hairs on head very dense so that surface structure partly obscured . . . . . 3
  • In posterior section of head one array of only two standing setae near midline, two additional setae distant from them (Fig. 12). Squamiform hairs on head well separated so that surface structure clearly visible (Southern Sarawak) . . . . . Eurhopalothrix seguensis


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  • On posterior section of head no other standing setae present beside array of four setae near mid-line (Fig. 11) (Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra) . . . . . Eurhopalothrix platisquama
Eurhopalothrix platisquama casent0900939 h 1 high.jpg
Eurhopalothrix platisquama casent0900939 p 1 high.jpg
  • Anterior to level of array of four setae one addi-tional seta on each side of head distant from mid-line (Fig. 9) (Sabah) . . . . . Eurhopalothrix dubia
Eurhopalothrix dubia casent0179641 h 1 high.jpg
Eurhopalothrix dubia casent0179641 p 1 high.jpg