Key to Hispaniola Genera of Ponerinae

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Additional information about the ants of the island can be found here: Ants of Hispaniola


  • Mandibles: elongate, abruptly bent inward at the apex, attached to head near middle of anterior margin of head . . . . . 2
  • Mandibles variably shaped but not with all of the characteristics given above . . . . . 3


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  • Node of petiole, when seen from front or rear, concave along the dorsal margin with both lateral corners bearing a tooth . . . . . Anochetus of Hispaniola
Anochetus mayri casent0003324 head 1.jpg
Anochetus mayri casent0003324 profile 1.jpg
Odontomachus bauri
Odontomachus bauri casent0172629 profile 1.jpg


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  • Mandibles long, curved and slender with long narrow teeth that resemble tines of a pitchfork, terminal tooth longer than entire mandible . . . . . Thaumatomyrmex of Hispaniola


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Platythyrea punctata
Platythyrea punctata casent0006819 profile 1.jpg


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Hypoponera opaciceps
Hypoponera opaciceps casent0005435 profile 1.jpg
  • Tip of tibia of hind leg with two spurs, one large pectinate spur and a smaller simple spur . . . . . 6


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  • Mandibles long and slender with an inner margin that is mostly smooth and free of teeth, one or a few teeth at apex; tarsal claws on hind leg finely pectinate . . . . . Leptogenys of Hispaniola
Leptogenys pubiceps
Leptogenys pubiceps casent0903969 p 1 high.jpg
  • Mandibles triangular and armed with teeth; tarsal claws on hind leg simple, without teeth on inner margin . . . . . Pseudoponera of Hispaniola
Pachycondyla stigma
Pachycondyla stigma casent0178180 profile 1.jpg