Key to Myrmecorhynchus species

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The following key to Myrmecorhynchus workers is based on Shattuck (2015).


Myrmecorhynchus emeryi ANIC32-010956 minor side CAS0172033-Antwiki.jpg

  • Mesosomal dorsum with at most a few scattered erect hairs, legs with appressed pubescence but lacking erect hairs => 2

Myrmecorhynchus carteri ANIC32-010761 side 40-Antwiki.jpg


  • Extensive yellow on clypeus covering at least 1/3 of surface; mandibles completely yellow (except dark teeth) => Myrmecorhynchus nitidus

Myrmecorhynchus nitidus ANIC32-066442 head 50-Antwiki.jpg

  • Clypeus generally completely dark, at most with a narrow band of yellow on anterolateral margin; mandibles bicoloured, yellow basally and dark apically => Myrmecorhynchus carteri

Myrmecorhynchus carteri ANIC32-010761 head 80-Antwiki.jpg