Key to Pheidole knowlesi group majors

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This key to major workers is based on: Fischer, G., Sarnat, E.M., Economo, E.P. 2016. Revision and microtomography of the Pheidole knowlesi group, an endemic ant radiation in Fiji (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae)Myrmicinae). PLoS ONE 11(7): e0158544. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0158544.

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  • Relatively large (HW 1.55–1.62). Propodeal spines longer than distance between their bases (PSLI 23–40). Dorsal surface of petiole and anterior half of first gastral tergite punctate-reticulate . . . . . Pheidole caldwelli
MCZ-ENT00008697 Pheidole caldwelli hef.jpg
MCZ-ENT00008697 Pheidole caldwelli hal.jpg
  • Considerably smaller (HW 0.73–1.19). Spines slightly shorter than distance between their base (PSLI 14–20). Dorsal surface of postpetiole usually smooth and sculpture on first gastral tergite, if present, limited to anterior quarter or third of segment . . . . . 2


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  • Head posterior to scrobes and on posterolateral lobes smooth and shiny or with weak rugulae but never strongly rugoreticulate. Antennal scrobe smooth to weakly punctate. Head in profile weakly impressed between frons and posterodorsal lobes . . . . . 3
  • Posterior portion of head strongly rugoreticulate. Antennal scrobe punctate. Head in profile more strongly impressed between frons and posterodorsal lobes . . . . . 5


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  • Posterolateral lobes usually glassy smooth or at most with a few rugulae present, but never punctate. Rugae between eyes and antennal insertions unbranching and lacking reticulation. Antennal scrobe narrow . . . . . Pheidole knowlesi
Pheidole knowlesi casent0171097 h 1 high.jpg
Pheidole knowlesi casent0171097 p 1 high.jpg
  • Posterolateral lobes with scattered rugulae and often weakly punctate anteriorly and smooth posteriorly, never entirely smooth and shiny. Rugae between eyes and antennal insertions branching and reticulate. Antennal scrobe wider . . . . . 4


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  • Antennal scrobe posteriorly bordered by transverse and arcuate rugulae. Area posterior to antennal scrobe with many branching and reticulated rugulae. Metapleuron mostly smooth and shiny with striae, but not punctate . . . . . Pheidole wilsoni
MCZ-ENT00008696 Pheidole wilsoni hef.jpg
MCZ-ENT00008696 Pheidole wilsoni hal.jpg
  • Antennal scrobe not posteriorly bordered by transverse and arcuate rugulae. Area posterior to antennal scrobe with mostly longitudinal rugulae that rarely branch or become reticulate. Metapleuron mostly punctate with striae . . . . . Pheidole ululevu


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  • Gaster with basal third of first tergite striate and punctate. Anterior margin of clypeus Notched . . . . . Pheidole vatu
MCZ-ENT00008695 Pheidole vatu hef.jpg
MCZ-ENT00008695 Pheidole vatu hal.jpg
  • Gaster mostly smooth, sculptured area reduced to small anterior patch with superficial punctations. Anterior margin of clypeus flat and lacking notch . . . . . Pheidole kava