Key to Pseudomyrmex of Hispaniola

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Additional information about the ants of the island can be found here: Ants of Hispaniola

Key to Workers


MCZ ENT Pseudomyrmex haytianus hef.jpg
MCZ ENT Pseudomyrmex haytianus hal.jpg


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  • Yellow with black eyes and dark spot on each side of first gastral tergite . . . . . Pseudomyrmex simplex
Pseudomyrmex simplex casent0104281 head 1.jpg
Pseudomyrmex simplex casent0104281 profile 1.jpg


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  • In side view metanotal groove impressed (outline of dorsum of mesosoma with a propodeal groove that forms a depressed area between the mesonotum and propodeum) . . . . . 4
  • In side view outline of dorsum of mesosoma relatively even and continuous from the middle of the pronotum to the angle between the dorsum of the propoduem and its declivious face . . . . . Pseudomyrmex DRPSE01


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  • In side view, outline of dorsum of propodeum set off from declivious face by distinctive change in direction of curvature of dorsal profile from slightly downward curving to a downward slope, this change may or may not be set off as a distinctively sharp angle; petiole roughly dome shaped in profile, anterior and posterior slopes are roughly similarly angled leading up to node . . . . . Pseudomyrmex cubaensis
Pseudomyrmex cubaensis casent0104073 head 1.jpg
Pseudomyrmex cubaensis casent0104073 profile 1.jpg
  • In side view dorsum and declivious face of propodeum not distinctly separated, more or less smoothly convex curve from anterior dorsum to posterior of declivous face; petiole outline with anterior slope leading to node longer, and rising at a shallower angle, than posterior slope rising to node . . . . . Pseudomyrmex subater
Pseudomyrmex subater casent0173777 head 1.jpg
Pseudomyrmex subater casent0173777 profile 1.jpg