Key to Strongylognathus of China

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This worker and queen key is based on: Radchenko, A.G., Zhang, Y. and J. Heinze. 2017. A new species of the ant genus Strongylognathus (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Inner Mongolia, with notes on the species reported from China. Asian Myrmecology. 9:e009016. doi:10.20362/am.009016

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  • occipital margin strongly concave (seen from above) (Fig. 5, A), posterio-lateral corners of head strongly prominent. Males: occipital margin straight or feebly concave, posterio-lateral corners of the head distinctly prominent (seen in profile) (Fig. 5, C) . . . . . 2
  • Workers and queens: occipital margin straight or at most very shallowly concave (seen from above), posterio-lateral corners of the head rounded and not prominent (Figs 1, A, B; 2, A, B; 5, B). Males: occipital margin straight or feebly convex, posterio-lateral corners of the head not prominent (seen in profile) (Fig. 5, D) . . . . . 3


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Strongylognathus tylonum F1.jpg
Strongylognathus tylonum F2.jpg
Radchenko 1995-2.jpg


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  • Workers occipital margin, temples and genae with standing hairs (Fig. 1, A). Darker species, mesosoma reddish-brown, head dark brown to blackish-brown . . . . . Strongylognathus dao
Strongylognathus dao holotype H.jpg
Strongylognathus dao holotype P.jpg
  • Workers (queens and males unknown): standing hairs on head restricted to the occipital margin and occipital corners (Fig. 5, B). Lighter species, mesosoma orange-yellow or ochreous, head yellowish-brown . . . . . Strongylognathus koreanus
Strongylognathus koreanus casent0904871 h 1 high.jpg
Strongylognathus koreanus casent0904871 p 1 high.jpg