Key to Tetramorium of Hispaniola

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Additional information about the ants of the island can be found here: Ants of Hispaniola

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  • Dorsum of mesosoma with more than 10 spatulate hairs that steadily decrease in height from anterior to posterior . . . . . Tetramorium caldarium
Tetramorium caldarium casent0102738 head 1.jpg
Tetramorium caldarium casent0102738 profile 1.jpg

Tetramorium simillimum casent0005830 head 1.jpg
Tetramorium simillimum casent0005830 profile 1.jpg

BOLTON (1979) distinguished Tetramorium caldarium from T. simillimum using four characters that in combination can differentiate the two species. Compared with T. simillimum, T. caldarium has "frontal carinae less strongly developed", "antennal scrobes feeble", "cephalic sculpture weak", and "head differently shaped" (i.e., T. simillimum with head broadening behind eyes and T. caldarium with no such broadening).


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  • Mesosoma dorsum rounded in profile, forming continous convex curve; dorsal surfaces of body with a dense abundance of erect hairs (explaining its common name of "wooly ant") . . . . . Tetramorium lanuginosum
Tetramorium lanuginosum casent0125328 head 1.jpg
Tetramorium lanuginosum casent0125328 profile 1.jpg
  • Mesosoma in profile roughly linear from posterior of pronotum to propodeal spines; many erect hairs present on dorsum of body but not forming a continuous, thick pubescence . . . . . 4


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  • Mesosoma in profile with both long and medium length hairs extending above the dorsal margin; orange/yellow head, mesosoma, petiole and postpetiole with darker brown gaster . . . . . Tetramorium bicarinatum
Tetramorium bicarinatum casent0005826 head 1.jpg
Tetramorium bicarinatum casent0005826 profile 1.jpg
  • Mesosoma in profile with a few rows, running anterior to posterior, of similar length erect hairs extending above the dorsal margin; body from head to gaster dark brown . . . . . Tetramorium lucayanum
Tetramorium lucayanum casent0217212 h 1 high.jpg
Tetramorium lucayanum casent0217212 p 1 high.jpg