Key to US Cephalotes species

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The following key to the Cephalotes workers of the United States has been modified from de Andrade & Baroni Urbani (1999). For all species see the Key to Cephalotes species.


Head of Cephalotes rohweri worker
Lateral view of Cephalotes rohweri worker
  • Dorsum of the head with erect hairs either missing or very short => 2


Head of Cephalotes varians worker
Lateral view of Cephalotes varians worker
  • Frontal carinae straight, not incised, over the eyes; body primarily black => Cephalotes texanus
Head of Cephalotes texanus worker
Lateral view of Cephalotes texanus worker


  • de Andrade, M. L. & Baroni Urbani, C. 1999. Diversity and adaptation in the ant genus Cephalotes, past and present. Stuttgarter Beitrage zur Naturkunde Series B (Geolgie and Palaontologie). 271:1-889.