Key to US Stigmatomma species

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Key to the species of Stigmatomma from the United States.

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  • Inner borders of mandible expanded near base, so that the blades are trianglular in shape. Large double teeth with rounded apices. Genal teeth reduced to inconspicuous obtuse angles. Head in frontal view without a tooth or sharp point on each side of head near mandible. Known only from North Carolina => Stigmatomma trigonignathum
Amblyopone trigonignatha casent0172801 profile 1.jpg
  • Inner borders of mandibles straight to convex, not expanded near base, the blades linear. Large double teeth prominently acute. Genal teeth acute and projecting. Head in frontal view with a tooth or sharp point on each side of head near insertion of mandible => 2


  • Inner margins of mandibles and anterior clypeal margin straight in outline. British Columbia south to northern California => Stigmatomma oregonense
Amblyopone oregonensis casent0172806 profile 1.jpg
  • Inner margins of mandibles, and usually also the anterior clypeal margin, convex in outline. Temperate North America at least to Arizona => Stigmatomma pallipes