List of Australian Genera

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The Australian ant fauna contains just over 100 genera. These are listed below together with links to details, keys (where available) and species lists.

Genus Subfamily No. Species Key Notes
Acropyga Formicinae 3 Key
Adlerzia Myrmicinae 1 Single species: A. froggatti
Aenictus Dorylinae 8 Key
Amblyopone Amblyoponinae 9
Anochetus Ponerinae 14 Key
Anonychomyrma Dolichoderinae 14
Anoplolepis Formicinae 1 Single species: A. gracilipes, introduced
Aphaenogaster Myrmicinae 8 Key
Arnoldius Dolichoderinae 4
Austromorium Myrmicinae 2 Key
Austroponera Ponerinae 1 Single species: A. rufonigra
Brachyponera Ponerinae 2
Calomyrmex Formicinae 11
Calyptomyrmex Myrmicinae 8 Key
Camponotus Formicinae 149 Key
Cardiocondyla Myrmicinae 5 Key
Carebara Myrmicinae 6
Cerapachys Dorylinae 44
Colobostruma Myrmicinae 15 Key
Crematogaster Myrmicinae 33
Cryptopone Ponerinae 1 Single species: C. rotundiceps
Diacamma Ponerinae 4 Key
Dilobocondyla Myrmicinae 1 Single species: D. cataulacoidea
Discothyrea Proceratiinae 5
Doleromyrma Dolichoderinae 4
Dolichoderus Dolichoderinae 27 Key
Echinopla Formicinae 2 Key
Ectomomyrmex Ponerinae 2 Key
Epopostruma Myrmicinae 19 Key
Eurhopalothrix Myrmicinae 3 Key
Froggattella Dolichoderinae 2 Key
Gnamptogenys Ectatomminae 1 Single species: G. biroi
Heteroponera Heteroponerinae 5 Key
Hypoponera Ponerinae 11
Iridomyrmex Dolichoderinae 78 Key
Iroponera Ponerinae 1 Single species: I. odax
Leptanilla Leptanillinae 1 Single species: L. swani
Leptogenys Ponerinae 25
Leptomyrmex Dolichoderinae 19 Key
Linepithema Dolichoderinae 1 Single species: L. humile, introduced
Lordomyrma Myrmicinae 2
Mayriella Myrmicinae 5 Key
Melophorus Formicinae 31
Meranoplus Myrmicinae 51
Mesoponera Ponerinae 2
Mesostruma Myrmicinae 9 Key
Metapone Myrmicinae 4
Monomorium Myrmicinae 86 Key
Myopias Ponerinae 5 Key
Myopopone Amblyoponinae 1 Single species: M. castanea
Myrmecia Myrmeciinae 92 Key
Myrmecina Myrmicinae 13 Key
Myrmecorhynchus Formicinae 3 Key
Mystrium Amblyoponinae 1 Single species: M. camillae
Nebothriomyrmex Dolichoderinae 1 Single species: N. majeri
Nothomyrmecia Myrmeciinae 1 Single species: N. macrops
Notoncus Formicinae 6 Key
Notostigma Formicinae 2 Key
Nylanderia Formicinae 7
Ochetellus Dolichoderinae 5
Odontomachus Ponerinae 4 Key
Oecophylla Formicinae 1 Single species: O. smaragdina
Onychomyrmex Amblyoponinae 3
Opisthopsis Formicinae 15
Orectognathus Myrmicinae 18 Key
Papyrius Dolichoderinae 4
Paraparatrechina Formicinae 2
Paratrechina Formicinae 1 Single species: P. longicornis, apparently introduced
Parvaponera Ponerinae 1 Single species: P. darwinii
Peronomyrmex Myrmicinae 3 Key
Pheidole Myrmicinae 56
Philidris Dolichoderinae 1 Single species: P. cordata stewartii
Plagiolepis Formicinae 7
Platythyrea Ponerinae 5 Key
Podomyrma Myrmicinae 40
Polyrhachis Formicinae 169 Subgenera key
Ponera Ponerinae 5 Key
Prionopelta Amblyoponinae 1 Single species: P. robynmae
Pristomyrmex Myrmicinae 7 Key
Probolomyrmex Proceratiinae 3 Key
Proceratium Proceratiinae 8 Key
Prolasius Formicinae 18
Pseudolasius Formicinae 1 Single species: P. australis
Pseudoneoponera Ponerinae 16
Pseudonotoncus Formicinae 2 Key
Pseudoponera Ponerinae 2
Rhopalomastix Myrmicinae 1 Single species: R. rothneyi
Rhopalothrix Myrmicinae 1 Single species: R. orbis
Rhytidoponera Ectatomminae 76
Romblonella Myrmicinae 1 Single species: R. heatwolei
Solenopsis Myrmicinae 8
Sphinctomyrmex Dorylinae 15
Stereomyrmex Myrmicinae 1 Single species: S. anderseni
Stigmacros Formicinae 48
Stigmatomma Amblyoponinae 8
Strumigenys Myrmicinae 55 Key
Syllophopsis Myrmicinae 3 Key
Tapinoma Dolichoderinae 5
Technomyrmex Dolichoderinae 12 Key
Teratomyrmex Formicinae 3 Key
Tetramorium Myrmicinae 26 Key
Tetraponera Pseudomyrmecinae 7 Key
Trichomyrmex Myrmicinae 1 Single species: T. destructor
Turneria Dolichoderinae 3 Key
Vollenhovia Myrmicinae 1 Single species: V. oblonga
Vombisidris Myrmicinae 2 Key
Wasmannia Myrmicinae 1 Single species: W. auropunctata, introduced, apparently eradicated and no longer present