Mae Sot, Thailand Fossil

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Mae Sot, Thailand
Age (Ma)
Start: 23.0
End: 11.6
System/Period: Neogene
Series/Epoch: Miocene
Stage/Age: Priabonian
Location: Wang Kaew, Mae Sot basin
Country: Thailand
Coordinates: 16.7°N, 98.6°E
Paleocoordinates: 14.6°N, 99.3°E

A single unnamed fossil ant is known from this formation. See Warapeang et al. (2023) for details.

  • Formicidae gen et sp. indet. PRC 186. Photograph, lateral view. Scale bar = 1 mm. (Warapeang et al., 2023, Fig. 8).

This specimen (PRC 186) shows some traits of Formicidae such as the swollen and bulbous abdomen and the second abdominal segment (petiole). It is probably a worker because it apparently has a small and elongated body, a small abdomen and is wingless (Barden 2017). The single petiole and absence of sting are reminiscent of Formicinae or Dolichoderinae; however, the long petiole suggests affinities with Dolichoderinae, compared with the shorter petiole of Formicinae (Collingwood et al. 2011).

Location of Formation