Malyi Kamyshlak Fossil

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Malyi Kamyshlak
Age (Ma)
Start: 16
End: 13.6
System/Period: Neogene
Series/Epoch: Miocene
Location: Malyi Kamyshlak, Kerch, Crimea
Country: Russia
Coordinates: 45.5° N, 36.5° E
Paleocoordinates: 45.7° N, 42.7° E
Genera: 3
Species: 3

These are marine deposits of the Eastern Paratethys along the northern coast of the Kerch Peninsula (Crimean Peninsula) from Cape Tarkhan to Yurkino Village. The Malyi Kamyshlak locality (hypostratotype of the Tarkhan Regional Stage) is 3 km from Yurkino Village; these deposits date to the Middle Miocene (Tarkhan Regional Stage, Argun Beds, 16 to 13.6 mya; Gontsharova, 1989).

Genera known from Malyi Kamyshlak

Species known from Malyi Kamyshlak

Location of Formation