Messor picturatus

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Messor picturatus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera
Family: Formicidae
Subfamily: Myrmicinae
Tribe: Stenammini
Genus: Messor
Species: M. picturatus
Binomial name
Messor picturatus
Santschi, 1927

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Messor picturatus casent0281603 d 1 high.jpg

Specimen Labels



Collingwood and Agosti (1996) - HW 1.92-2.12; EL/HW 0.21-0.23. This species has the red head and alitrunk of the Messor minor species group but differs in the more rounded head, grainy head and stronger alitrunk sculpture. This is particularly evident in the larger examples. Small workers are hard to tell apart except for the larger eyes. The petiole in M. picturatus is also thicker compared with similar sized examples of M. minor and the anteroventral prominence on the postpetiole is more developed. M. minor examples from Corsica and what appears to be the same species from Tenerife have a few erect hairs on the first gastral tergite. These are restricted to two or three on the posterior margin of the first tergite in M. picturatus.


Latitudinal Distribution Pattern

Latitudinal Range: 36.8° to 21.133333°.

Tropical South

Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists

Afrotropical Region: Saudi Arabia.
Palaearctic Region: Algeria (type locality), Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco.

It is known from North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Iraq (Abdul-Rassoul et al. 2013).

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The following information is derived from Barry Bolton's Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World.

  • picturatus. Messor sublaeviceps var. picturatus Santschi, 1927c: 243.
    • Type-material: syntype workers, syntype queens (numbers not stated).
    • Type-locality: Algeria: Mascara (Cros), other syntypes Morocco: Marrakech (H. Vaucher), Tunisia: Ain Draham (F. Santschi).
    • Type-depository: NHMB.
    • [First available use of Messor barbarus st. minor var. picturata Santschi, 1921d: 69 (w.q.) ALGERIA, MOROCCO, TUNISIA; unavailable (infrasubspecific) name.]
    • Santschi, 1939d: 71 (q.m.); Cagniant & Espadaler, 1998: 425 (m.).
    • As unavailable (infrasubspecific) name: Emery, 1922c: 94; Emery, 1924a: 8.
    • Subspecies of sublaeviceps: Santschi, 1927c: 243 (redescription); Santschi, 1929e: 142; Menozzi, 1934: 158; Santschi, 1939d: 71; Menozzi, 1940: 268; Finzi, 1940: 159.
    • Subspecies of minor: Cagniant, 1968a: 143.
    • Subspecies of medioruber: Cagniant, 1970a: 415.
    • Status as species: Collingwood, 1985: 251; Bolton, 1995b: 256; Collingwood & Agosti, 1996: 320; Cagniant & Espadaler, 1998: 425; Cagnaint, 2006a: 197; Borowiec, L. 2014: 110; Barech, et al. 2020: 15.
    • Distribution: Algeria, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia.
    • Current subspecies: nominal plus maurus Santschi.



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