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There are eleven species in this myrmecophilous genus of Staphylinidae.

List of Micropolemon and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Micropolemon borneensis Pace, 2015 Dorylus MALAYSIA (SABAH)
Micropolemon camerounensis Kistner, 1965 Dorylus CAMEROON, GABON
Micropolemon cornutus Wasmann, 1916 Dorylus Africa
Micropolemon malayensis Kistner & Jacobson, 1975 Dorylus MALAYSIA (SELANGOR, PERAK)
Micropolemon mzuri Kistner, 1963 Dorylus Zaire
Micropolemon parvus (Cameron, 1948) Dorylus Ivory Coast
Micropolemon planicollis Wasmann, 1916 Dorylus CAMEROON, NIGERIA, ZAIRE
Micropolemon pusillus (Wasmann, 1904) Dorylus Nigeria, Zaire
Micropolemon sabahensis Kistner, 2003 Dorylus MALAYSIA (SABAH)
Micropolemon sumatrensis Pace, 2012 Dorylus INDONESIA (SUMATRA)
Micropolemon tiro (Wasmann, 1904) Dorylus CAMEROON, GABON, GHANA, NIGERIA, ZAIRE
Micropolemon vansomereni Kistner, 1963 Dorylus KENYA, TANZANIA, MALAWI, SOUTH AFRICA


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