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The genus Myrmecophilus is a myrmecophilous cricket distributed world-wide. The small wingless nymphs and adults are found in a variety of ant host nests. Very little is known about their biology, it is assumed that they obtain food from grooming ants or obtaining food during trophallaxis with ants. These crickets can not "sing" and avoid direct contact with ants as much as possible.

List of Myrmecophilus and their Host Ants

List of Myrmecophilus and their Host Ants
Genus and species Author and Year Ant Host Distribution Notes
Myrmecophilus acervorumMyrmecophila acervorum.jpg Panzer, 1799 20 different ant species; Lasius Europe females reproduce parthenogenetically
Myrmecophilus aequispina Chopard, 1923 France (type), Italy Red Listed
Myrmecophilus albicinctus Chopard, 1924 Camponotus mitis, Anoplolepis gracilipes India (type)
Myrmecophilus americanus Saussure, 1877 Paratrechina longicornis world wide Kleptoparasite; subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus arboreus Maeyama & Terayama, 1994 Camponotus, Crematogaster, Tapinoma New Guinea (type) arboreal
Myrmecophilus australis Tepper, 1896 Australia
Myrmecophilus balcanicus Stalling, 2013 Lasius niger, Cataglyphis nodus, Pheidole pallidula Macedonia IUCN Red List
Myrmecophilus baronii Baccetti, 1966 Sicilia, Malta
Myrmecophilus bifasciatus Fisher von Waldheim, 1846 Ukraine (type)
Myrmecophilus bituberculatus Ingrisch, 2001 Bhutan, Nepal
Myrmecophilus brevipalpis Chopard, 1948 Saudi Arabia subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus chocolatinus Gorochov, 1992 Vietnam (type)
Myrmecophilus concolor Chopard, 1928 India? subgenus Paramyrmecophilus
Myrmecophilus cottami Chopard, 1922 Egypt
Myrmecophilus crenatus Gorochov, 1986 Middle Asia sbugenus Paramyrmecophilus
Myrmecophilus cyprius Stalling, 2017 Messor structor Cyprus subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus denticaudus Bey-Bienko, 1967 Afghanistan (type)
Myrmecophilus dubius Saussure, 1877 Malaya
Myrmecophilus escherichi Schimmer, 1911 Sri Lanka
Myrmecophilus formosanus Shiraki, 1930 Taiwan
Myrmecophilus fuscus Stalling, 2013 Lasius lasioides Mallorca
Myrmecophilus gigas Ichikawa, 2001 Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus gracilipes Chopard, 1924 India (type)
Myrmecophilus haeckeli Fernando, 1962 Sri Lanka
Myrmecophilus hebardi Mann, 1920 Anoplolepis gracilipes Fiji, Solomon Islands
Myrmecophilus hirticaudus Fischer von Waldheim, 1846 Crimea, Macedonia
Myrmecophilus horii Mruyama, 2004 Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus inaequalis Ingrisch, 2010 Borneo, Sabah subgenus Paramyrmecophilus
Myrmecophilus iranicus Chladek, 2013 Iran (type)
Myrmecophilus ishikawai Maruyama, 2004 Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus keyi Baccetti, 1975 Rhytidoponera metallica Australia
Myrmecophilus kinomurai Maruyama, 2004 Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus kubotai Maruyama, 2004 Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus longitarsis Chopard, 1925 Australia
Myrmecophilus manni (Schimmer, 1911) Camponotus vicinus, Formica obscuripes MEXICO; USA: Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington (type)
Myrmecophilus mauritanicus (Lucas, 1849) Algeria subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus mjoebergi Chopard, 1925 Australia (type)
Myrmecophilus myrmecophilus (Savi, 1819) Croatia, France, Greece, Italy IUCN Red Listed (LC)
Myrmecophilus nebrascensis Lugger, 1898 Crematogaster, Formica neorufibarbis, Formica obscuripes, Pogonomyrmex barbatus Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Myrmecophilus nigricornis Chopard, 1963 Israel subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus nonveilleri Ingrisch & Pavićević, 2008 Yugoslavia, Serbia
Myrmecophilus ochraceus Fischer, 1853 Sicillia subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus oculatus Miram, 1930 Turkmenistan (type) subgenus Paramyrmecophilus
Myrmecophilus orgeonensis Bruner, 1884 Veromessor andrei Canada: British Colombia; USA: California, Oregon (type), Washington
Myrmecophilus orientalis Stalling, 2010 Jordan
Myrmecophilus pallidithorax Chopard, 1930 Borneo, Sarawak
Myrmecophilus parachilnus Otte & Alexander, 1983 Australia subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus pergandei Bruner, 1884 Lasius umbratus, Camponotus castaneus, Camponotus chromaiodes, Camponotus herculeanus, Camponotus novaeboracensis, Formica obscuriventris, Formica pallidefulva, Formica subsericea, Aphaenogaster treatae, Crematogaster lineolata, Tapinoma sessile USA: Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Myrmecophilus polyrhachi Ingrisch, 1987 Polyrhachis bellicosa Malesia (Gombak) subgenus Paramyrmecophilus
Myrmecophilus quadrispinus Perkins, 1899 Pheidole megacephala, Solenopsis geminata Hawaii, Samoan Islands, Loyalty Islands (Lifou), New Caledonia tramp species
Myrmecophilus sanctaehelenae Chopard, 1970 St. Helena
Myrmecophilus sapporensis Matsumura, 1904 Japan
Myrmecophilus seychellensis Gorochov, 1994 Seychelles
Myrmecophilus sinicus Bey-Bienko, 1956 China
Myrmecophilus surcoufi Chopard, 1919 Algeria subgenus Myrmophilina
Myrmecophilus teranishii Matsumura, 1914 ants Japan
Myrmecophilus testaceus Chopard, 1925 Myrmecia desertorum Australia (type)
Myrmecophilus tetramorii Ichikawa, 2001 Tetramorium tsushimae Japan (type)
Myrmecophilus tindalei Otte & Alexander, 1983 Australia (type)
Myrmecophilus wahrmani Chopard, 1963 Israel


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